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LEGO Duck Dynasty Easter Special Trailer


Happy Easter from thefourmonkeys! @(^_^)@

Entry in 2015 BIM Easter brickfilming contest.

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Loved it!

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I really liked the animation and camera movements.  Adding a LEGO leaf piece or two, would have made the ground a little less plain though.  Overall good job.  It's one of the best Easter entries I've seen yet.

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Oh wow. Poor Duck Dynasty...

Very nice animation and camera movement, and good luck in the contest!

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Good job, fourmonkeys! I never watched Duck Dynasty, so I don't completely understand the references you threw in there, but I did enjoy your short. All of the technical aspects were well done. My only gripe is the digital camera movements and zooms, they tend to look unrealistic and/or pixelate the images. However, I do like how you made you film look like a movie trailer, that was neat.

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First, I have a bias against Duck Dynasty, but one that still feels it odd to kill and maim the stars in odd ways.
So yeah, I went into this with mixed feelings.

Now, it would have been slightly better and more original feeling had Saturday Night Live not just done their Bambi spoof. I know people often come up with ideas on their own, only to find somebody else has already done it, but nevertheless it did hurt the score some.

You do a good job with telling enough of the story, yet still keeping the chapped-up trailer feel, so that the audience understands where you are going, yet leaves wanting to see more. I loved the sword shot, not only is the animation perfectly smooth, but timed for optimal comedic success. As for the other shots, yours had some of the better animation, though I feel the voice over didn't work quite as well as intended.

It's a solid entry, and carries with it your usual high-quality animation and sets. Just maybe not quite to my story tastes.

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I don't know anything about Duck Dynasty, except for the promotional phrase "The Beards Are Back", used a few years ago. But, the animation was pretty smooth, as usual. I still think I liked your "chocolate bunny" entry, from a few years prior, but you monkeys did a good job, overall!

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Nice work! That tumbling katana slash was really fluid, I had to actually go back and watch it a few times to see how you guys did it.