Topic: The 2014 Bricks in Motion Awards - Awards Chat Announcement!

The time has come! Over the last few months, our panel of judges have debated and discussed, and we've finally come to a consensus. The winners of the 2014 Bricks in Motion Awards have been chosen, and now it's time to reveal them in style.

On June 13, 2015, at 2 PM Pacific Standard Time, we will announce the winners in the Bricks in Motion IRC chatroom. You can see what that is in your time zone by clicking here.

You can find the original nominee thread here here, and learn more about the Bricks in Motion Awards on the Brickfilms Wiki!

The films you see in the categories below are listed in alphabetical order, and without any bias or favoring whatsoever. Judges and organizers agreed to disqualify any films they have made in the last calendar year from awards contention, so as to make judging as fair as possible. Films eligible for awards consideration need not have been made public on the Bricks in Motion Releases forum (a rule change from years past), but must have been released online within the 2014 year.

Our nomination panelists for the 2014 year are:

And now with that out of the way, let’s get on to what you’ve all been waiting for! Here are your nominees for this year’s Bricks in Motion Awards!

This is awarded to a brickfilm of exceptional quality in all aspects. It is thoroughly enjoyed by many and takes a creative approach to the filmmaking process and design. Simply put, it is the "Best Film" of the Year.

This award is presented to a film that utilizes animation very well. The film demonstrates smooth and fluid animation that is highly realistic, creative, and/or innovative, as part of one of the most important parts of stop motion films. Note that different film styles require different animation styles when you are nominating a film.

This award is given to a film that has an excellent script and storyline. The idea and outline is presented very well, has great plot, and exceptional dialogue and actions.

  • Coffee & Carnage - Jonny Paquette

  • FHAC - Keshen Matus

  • Plastic Love - Lilian Ginet & Maxime Marion

  • That's the Way it Goes! - Walter Benson

  • Time for Sale - Legostudio01 and A&M Studios

The composition of the frames in the films are done very well, and demonstrates the directors ability to place characters, lights, and the camera well in order to make the film more interesting and visually appealing.

This is awarded to a film that best exemplifies a harmonious arrangement of both visuals and sound, how they're assembled to advance the narrative, as well as create an effective sense of pacing and timing.

This award is presented to the film with an excellent original score. The score fits with the films setting and enriches the viewing experience with great sound and presentation.

  • Batman and Friends: The Clock Tower Caper - Andy Stein

  • Delivering Mail - Basile Segouin

  • Immortal - Dominik G. and Moritz Meier

  • Plastic Love - Quentin Billard

  • Steampunk - Tom Gudde

This award is presented to a film with outstanding effects work, whether achieved in-camera or with software in post-production. The effects complement the film, rather than distract from the experience.

This is awarded to a film that uses sound and music to enhance the presentation with great success. The sound compliments the film and is pleasing when heard, with excellent composition and placement.

This is awarded to a film that uses sets and characters to enhance the overall enjoyment and set the proper tone for the film.

This award is presented to an individual who voice acts a character with great success, originality, and realism. The performance is believable, and adds to the enjoyment of the film.

  • Keshen Matus as Pervical - FHAC

  • Anna Moorey as Jessica - That's the Way it Goes!

  • Jonny Paquette as Bartender - Coffee & Carnage

  • Jean-Marie Pexoto as Edmond - Plastic Love

  • Kent Poole as William Shatner - Action Bill

This is awarded to the whole voice acting cast of a film, and recognizes the performance of all the actors. The performances are all very well done, and support the film throughout.

Nominee Tallies

Plastic Love - 10 nominations
Coffee & Carnage - 6 nominations
LEGO Star Wars: Hunted - 4 nominations
That’s the Way it Goes! - 4 nominations
Action Bill - 3 nominations
Immortal - 3 nominations
Pokeballin’ 2 - 3 nominations
Batman and Friends: The Clock Tower Caper - 2 nominations
FHAC - 2 nominations
Time for Sale - 2 nominations
1741 The Battle of Mollwitz - 1 nomination
Adventures in (Classic) Space! - 1 nomination
Avicii - Addicted to You - 1 nomination
Delivering Mail - 1 nomination
Escape from Sabre Island - 1 nomination
The Hobbit: The Lake-Town Chase - 1 nomination
Infinite - 1 nomination
The Journey - 1 nomination
The Legend of Leszek - 1 nomination
LEGO Star Wars: Battlefront - 1 nomination
LEGO Titanfall - Attrition - 1 nomination
Leprechauns in France - 1 nomination
Steampunk - 1 nomination
Teleporter Trouble - 1 nomination

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Hope to make it! HYPE HYPE HYPE

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I can probably make that. Even though I haven't watched the majority of these films.

Boy, I sure am out of the loop.

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I'll try to make it, but it's completely up in the air right now.

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