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This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is Onorno by Bert Loos.

Onorno is a comedy brickfilm about two men who argue over what is written on a sign they are viewing from opposite sides. It was made by Bert Loos in 2005, andwas an entry to the first Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed thirteenth in the judges' choice and eleventh in the entrants' choice. Bert Loos was a member of and is a member of Bricks in Motion. He greatly helped the Brickfilms Archive project when he provided thousands of archived brickfilms to the organizers, some of which had thought to have been lost forever. His other films include About Rapunzel, Storyline Buildup, and Da Europeans.

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Like Blambo Part II of last week, Onorno is another cult film that continues to be remembered ten years after its release. Remember N, by Max Butcher? I really don't have anything else to say, so go watch Onorno!

What are your thoughts on Onorno? What did you like about it? What did you think of the lasting impact of Onorno? Did you have a favorite moment?

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I think it was a great film about perspective.  It was very campy and cheesy but that just adds to the overall charm of it.

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Onorno is one of my very favourites. I particularly love the voice acting, titles and music.



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Holy crap this is freaky. I was in the shower a minute ago, and for some reason I thought about this film for the first time in like years. Then I go on BiM and here we is...

Is somebody on the BiM staff tracking my shower thoughts? mini/shifty
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So, I just watched this for the first time.

Meant more as an observation about the present than as a complaint about this film: it's really crazy to me how the technical work here has improved over time. It has become difficult for me to overlook the rough technical work of some films that were quite well received when they were originally made.

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