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I would like to thank everyone for their participation in BRAWL 2015! In total, there were 36 entries submitted. I recommend you watch all the entries. It's fun seeing what kind of films people can produce with only one week! You can watch all the entries here.

Our judges for BRAWL 2015 are Nathan Wells, Mindgame, Chris W., AquaMorph, and FunSucker.

The judging process worked as follows, each judge watched every film. After watching, each judge ranked their personal top 10 films. Each of the judge's lists were then run through a system that utilizes instant run-off voting to create a top ten reflective of all the judges. The judges then adjusted the top ten list as a group until they were satisfied with the outcome.

Judges considered the following when watching the films: originality, production value (animation, set design, cinematography, sound, etc.), story, and creative interpretation of the theme. While the parts of the film were considered, the most important quality the judges looked for is how the film works as a whole.

The top three films determined by the judges will each receive a $25 gift card to Brick Warriors store. Thanks to Brick Warriors for generously providing the prizes!

With that, here are the results:

1st - The Quiz - Twickabrick

2nd - Behind The Door - MBStudio

3rd - Retribution - Vertigo Studios

4th - Mach None - Sillypenta

5th - The Photo Shoot - Joebor1777

6th - Ashes, Ashes - Liam Gerety

7th - Hammer & Anvil - Animator Unknown

8th - Visionary - Realbrick

9th - The Surveillance Situation - Rioforce

10th - Ella's Tale - Squid

With that ends another year of BRAWL. See you all for BRAWL 2016!

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Re: BRAWL 2015 Results!

Will there be a detailed results?

Re: BRAWL 2015 Results!

Congratulations winners! There were some awesome films this year!

Edit: Is it just me, or does Vertigo's result look like the underline is bolded and the top two aren't? mini/tongue

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Congratulations, Twickabrick! you really deserved that one.
And Everyone else! Great jobs.

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Congrats to all the winners! mini/bigsmile There were a lot of great entries!

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Oh my GOD ! The second place for my first participation in the BRAWL Contest ! mini/bigsmile I'm really happy ! Congratulations for the others entrant ! That was an awesome contest ! They were a lot of wonderful entries this year and that was so hard ! Ang gg to Twickabrick ! His realization was great ! mini/delirium

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Re: BRAWL 2015 Results!

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who completed a film! I was really impressed with the overall quality of entries this year, I feel it rivals some of the longer summer contests we've had in years past.

Thanks for running what looks to be a very successful contest, Fun Sucker! While this wasn't an official Bricks in Motion contest, I also want to thank Brick Warriors for their generosity in sponsoring a contest in this community.

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Will you be making a post of a list going past the top 10?

If a frame were worth a penny, I'd probably have like, $30 or something.

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Great job everybody! Thanks to FunSucker for hosting and to all the judges for judging!

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Thank you judges for judging, and thanks to my composer, to Squid and Rioforce for lighting tips, and all of the voice actors who helped with Ashes, Ashes. I didn't expect this high of a placing so frankly thank you, I hope to create even better films and submit them to future contests.

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Wow, I'm honoured to have ranked so highly.  Thanks to FunSucker for hosting, and Chris W., MindGame, Nathan Wells, and AquaMorph for judging, and to everyone who participated!  It's been a fantastic BRAWL.

Retribution (3rd place in BRAWL 2015)

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Re: BRAWL 2015 Results!


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Re: BRAWL 2015 Results!

Very well done twickabrick and to everybody else. Thanks FunSucker for hosting this contest.

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Congratulations to everybody and particulary to MBstudio ! mini/smile

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Re: BRAWL 2015 Results!

Congratulations to all! I loved the winning films; well deserved!

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All of my top 8 list made the top 10 mini/smile

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Congratulations to everyone, I enjoyed all of these films, and I don't envy the judges, you all had a tough bunch of films this year.

While I doubt there will be a complete ranking, it would be nice to see if there were any films that made the top 10 of any of the judges lists but failed to make the final top 10 list.

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Congratulations to this years winners. I'm happy to have entered.

EDIT: Also, good job on the quick judging, normally this stuff drags on, I was surprised.

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END films wrote:

All of my top 8 list made the top 10 mini/smile

Not mine. mini/tongue

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Re: BRAWL 2015 Results!

Can I know where I have come please, as this list didn't give us all the entries and where they have come, as I really do want to know?