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Grief's Restitution


Created for’s 2015 contest with the theme Darkness and Light.

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Wow great job, AquaMorph.  The cinematography was great, I especially loved the night scenes very beautiful.

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I loved it. Kind of a black comedy thing going for it.

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This is really great! It had a very cinematic feel, and I really enjoyed that. The music you used fit very well, too.

That was genuinely sad (and a bit depressing), you achieved those beautifully.

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Telling a life story is not an easy thing to do. How do you emphasize just the right things to show that this character is real, and not simply an archetype? That's a tough one. One that I feel you handled quite well.

The sudden change in tone was excellent. Though, I could subconsciously feel something coming. At first I thought "okay, so he's a figment of her imagination and she's actually insane..." and then the story developed in a different direction.

I really enjoyed this and I would not at all be surprised if you won first place.

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there was something more to this video, that makes it sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

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That was emotionally brutal, which is something I can't say I've seen in a brickfilm. Very impactful, and extremely well made, the cinematography and lighting are excellent. I noticed some set bumps, which is a bummer, but it's still a fantastic film technically. Great work. mini/smile

Re: Grief's Restitution [D&L Entry]

Loved it. A great piece of cinematic storytelling.
The part when you find out

Spoiler (click to read)

the gun was LOADED

I literally jumped! I can't see this film not (at least) getting placed.

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Re: Grief's Restitution [D&L Entry]

I have to say, that was extremely unexpected. I enjoyed the film (as much as one can enjoy a film while feeling incredibly depressed mini/wink). It was especially well executed.

Spoiler (click to read)

At first, I thought the film would revolve around the girl, and it basically did, but with the unexpected ending of her story, I like the twist of following the story of the guy instead. That was a good move.

The lighting was phenomenal, I especially like the fish tank. This is definitely one of the best entries.

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Re: Grief's Restitution [D&L Entry]

As everyone else said, the lighting was great, had some really nice cinematography. About the movie, I was surprised. Negatively.

It started off great, I loved the way it looked, the way it moved. Then something happened:

Spoiler (click to read)

a gun pops up, for no reason at all.

That alone wouldn't matter, it seemed to be just a minor flaw in this otherwise great looking and charming story. But less than a minute after that

Spoiler (click to read)

she dies... I don't want to sound arrogant or mean, I'm sincere when I say the whole scene didn't look serious at all: "The gun is not loaded, see?" *bang*, a scene like this seemed to belong to a very funny comedy, with perfect timing. Then comes another nice touch, the guy walking around losing his mind, I liked the idea. And after that another scene that looked like it had been ripped off another comedy "She's still alive, but in a very deep coma" *cut to a funeral*. I laughed, and it felt wrong.

It was at times well paced, good looking and charming, and at times unintentionally funny. That happened every time you tried to surprise the viewer, trying to be tragic: it just went the wrong direction.

Spoiler (click to read)

The meeting at the bar between the two friends also began nicely, with them talking normally, took an awkward turn when they mentioned her death so carelessly, and regained some credibility after that. What came after, I'm not sure what to think of it, and I just don't understand the ending: did she really left him because he's kinda sad and depressed? He didn't even do anything wrong.

So, yes, I was actually surprised that it turned out so wrong. Tragic events need to be treated more carefully, and in a believable way: after the first shock, everything felt fake.

Voice acting was generally well done, except for Bruce, I couldn't understand what he was saying (but that may just be me and my english).

I cannot say this is completely a bad movie, technically it is highly competent (lighting, framing, animation, voice acting, etc), but what matters the most (direction, story) fails.
I'm sure you can do much better than this, even the first minutes of this brickfilm prove that. Don't be discouraged by this review (especially because my opinion doesn't matter that much when compared to everyone else's enthusiastic response), I'm only trying to be helpful. Work on it.

Re: Grief's Restitution [D&L Entry]

I loved your lighting effects.  Well done!