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Lego Batman: The Killing Joke

Lego Batman:The Killing Joke
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The Killing Joke BTVA Casting Call

After a year of writing the script and getting voices, and a year of animating almost 5,000 frames in 2 years total, it's finally here!!!

After escaping Arkham, Joker is crazier than ever and shoots and paralyzes Barbara Gordon, and kidnaps Commissioner James Gordon just to prove it only takes on bad day to drive the sanest man to lunacy. Batman must take down this crazed, homicidal, maniac before he goes to far, but to do this he would have to end his life. Batman must decide to either let the Joker live and let him keep killing or end him now and never have to worry about him again. What will he chose?

To find out, watch "Lego Batman: The Killing Joke" and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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Directed and Produced by- Jeremiah Derby

Based on The Graphic Novel “Batman: The Killing Joke” by Brian Bolland and Alan Moore


Joker- Nick Call-

Batman/Bruce Wayne-Mike Wilson (Mickwhitefire28)-

Commissioner Gordon-Jackson Trent (Indaggo55)-

Young Joker/Husband/Red Hood- Mr. Jinkles-

Wife/Jeannie- neferankh-

Barbara Gordon- CourtneyM-

Salesman-Jackson Trent (Indago55)-

Fake Joker- SilverOso-

Alfred- mesosteros-

Thug 1- ZeldaZealot-

Thug 2- TheFox7771-

Doctor- CD247151-

Detective Bullock- Cliff-

Policeman/Detective- CD247151-

Cop 1- Kaebl-

Cop 2- SilverOso-

Midgets- Jeremiah Derby-

Man on Tape (After Credits)-Jackson Trent (Indago55)-

Please make sure you check these awesome talented voice actors out, because without them this video would not have been nowhere near as good as it is!

Please make sure you Subscribe, Like, and Share, because their will be plenty more stuff to come like behind the scenes, tutorials, and lots more!!! There will even be a digital download for the whole movie with a bonus scene after the credits and a bunch of behind the scenes!!!

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Let me know what you guys think mini/bigsmile

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