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A Peculiar Faith

(Title subject to change)


Thank you!

Nope, no 'Ax' or Captain Obvious film this year. So sorry.

A sci-fi short with a cargo ship, space pirates, fancy lighting, and a crazy mystic.
No sexual content or profanity. Little bit of violence, but no blood or anything.
So, need voice actors pretty quick...Obviously.

Left to Right

GeorgeTaken by: Dyland]
19 lines
Older, mature male.
Authoritative, mostly calm and collected.
Operates by hard facts, a bit of a skeptic when it comes to things he can't immediately prove.

Mystic Taken by: Guss Griswold/GGSStudios]
14 lines
Odd, probably bonkers.
Fast talker, slightly silly character, but does have several serious lines.

Paul Taken by: AnimatorUnknown]
6 Lines
Older Male
Stressed out, trying to remain calm, but a bit panicky.

Ruth Taken by: Brick7 (Like it could actually be anybody else)] mini/tongue
Female, obviously.
5 Lines
Sarcastic, critical, bit of a jerk when annoyed.

John: Taken by: Guy Commanderson]
Older Male
1 Line
Tired, but positive and content.


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Aaand... sent!