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[BRAWL 2016] Submarines Don't Explode

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My entry to BRAWL 2016. It was a late submission and thus had to be disqualified. Nonetheless, it's a decent video that you are welcome to enjoy.
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Re: [BRAWL 2016] Submarines Don't Explode

Mine was late too mini/sweat  That was a great video though, too bad it didn't make it.

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Re: [BRAWL 2016] Submarines Don't Explode

One of my favorite things to see is smart title usage, and here it is exemplified to great effect. Your production value is at a great point and I'm impressed at how you achieved it with minimal experience. Lots of Brickfilming away from YouTube? An alt channel? Or maybe you just have a knack for it. Good job, keep it up.