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Thank you and congrats to everyone who participated in BRAWL this year! If you haven't already, watch all the entries for BRAWL 2016 here.

The judges for BRAWL 2016 are Nathan Wells, Squash, Mindgame, AquaMorph, and FunSucker.

The judging process worked as follows, each judge watched every film. After watching, each judge ranked their personal top 10 films. Each of the judge's lists were then run through a system that utilizes instant run-off voting to create a top ten reflective of all the judges. The judges then adjusted the top ten list as a group until they were satisfied with the outcome.

Judges considered the following when watching the films: originality, production value (animation, set design, cinematography, sound, etc.), story, and creative interpretation of the theme. While the parts of the film were considered, the most important quality the judges looked for is how the film works as a whole.

The top three films determined by the judges will each receive a $25 gift card to Brick Warriors store. Thanks to Brick Warriors for generously providing the prizes!

With that, here are the results:

1st - His Domino Effect - Infinity Prime Studios

2nd - Equine Introspection - Rioforce

3rd - Action! - MBStudio

4th - Ledge - Brickmotion

5th - Haunted Heist - Sillypenta

6th -Control So Remotely - Sonjira

7th - Reminiscence - Two Guys Brickfilms

8th - Don't Look Back - Twickabrick

9th - Metathesiophobia - RandomBoaz

10th - Eraser - Animator Unknown

BRAWL 2017 will be coming to you next year!

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Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to FunSucker and the judges for making this contest happen!

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Congratz winners! So glad to be apart of the film that got 1st! Great job everyone!

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OH MY GOSH! This is wonderful! mini/smile Congratz on the other winners!

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Congratz to all that entered! Great top 3 entries! mini/smile


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Congratulations to all! BRAWL is always a fun contest and I love seeing my YouTube subscription box filled with new brickfilms at this time each year.

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Congratulations winners (and all who entered! You survived! And of course all who tried but didn't make it, we appreciate you too!)! Especially Infinity! You deserved to win. Your film was definitely my favorite of the contest. Congratulations! mini/bigsmile

And thank you judges for choosing my film for second place! I am honored. mini/smile

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Congrats guys! Can't wait for BRAWL 2017!

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great films guys!

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Congratulations to all the winners especially to Infinity Prime. It was a real honour to be part of your film. Even though I didn't take part in this year's contest, I wanted to contribute in some way, so it was great to voice act for you. You are a worthy winner - the story was really original and well written, and very cinematic. Well done!

Also, a big congratulations to everyone who took part this year. There were some really creative entries this year, and I enjoyed every single one of them!

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Ouuuuaiiiis ! Youpi ! 3ème ! Je suis trop content !!! mini/bigsmile

I'm very happy ! Congratulations to everyone, it was a wonderful contest ! The theme was awesome ! mini/bigsmile

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The entries that were made this year were all pretty great, congrats to all the winners and to everyone who participated! mini/smile

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Pretty accurate and fair judging, except that one in ninth didn't belong here, it was terrible mini/wink 
Congrats fellows!

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Cool, congratulations to the prize winners. "Ledge" and "Don't Look Back" were standouts for me. I'm pretty surprised Ledge didn't win, actually.

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Woah It is amazing what people can do in a week. This contest made me discover this site years ago.

Congrats to the winners.

I am supposed to put something here.

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Great job everyone who entered! Hopefully next year I will be able to be among the ranks of those who were able to enter a video.

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