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My entry to the Sight & Sound Contest. I made this in 4 days and as such, the theme plays in to the concept of the film rather than it featuring an Oscar-worthy soundscape or anything. Hope you enjoy.

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I really liked the character design in this. It is nice to see something other than the common minifigure. The white background however was kind of boring and dull. Still pretty impressive for the time frame this was created.

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It lacked your usual excellent story and visuals.
The animation was smooth. Not bad for a 4 day video!

Procrastination will be the death many mini/lol

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Yeesh, tough crowd! I was really impressed with the visuals. The depth illusion with the bricks looked awesome. Even with little lack of material but I thought it was a treat!

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What I like about this is the minimalistic representation. Color simplicity, story simplicity, even setting simplicity. Clean and crisp.

You have a clarity of style in your work. You know exactly what aesthetic you're going for, and you nail it. It may be zombies this time, and abstract film next time, and film noir the next, and parody after that. But EVERY time, it is crystal clear. Always a pleasure watching your films, Penta.

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I really enjoyed this.

I liked how the characters stood out from the background. If it were a full set or more cluttered, the characters would blend in and get confusing. I love how everything is red. It really sets the color palette.

I expected the ending just a few seconds before it happened, but I enjoyed the process of watching and admiring it. Great animation!

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That ending. mini/tongue

Really well animated, edited, and executed. Good work Penta. mini/smile

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Really well done; the unique visual style of the film is definitely a strength, and I really like the crispness of the sound design. It adds a lot of depth the world which is visually displayed very simply. I really love that contrast. mini/yes

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Good and original mini/bigsmile

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I liked the electric sounds in this, they're very well done. I kinda felt bad for the ending, poor tech dog, but overall, it's a much better brickfilm than whathever I and many of us would put together in 4 days, good job!