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We were originally going to make this for BRAWL 2016, but realized we wouldn't be able to finish it in time, so we made Don't Look Back and entered that instead. We finished filming basically everything in August, but then we didn't really have time/make time to finish editing it until now. So here it is!

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I really like this, Twick. The animation is great, particularly on the horses. Cute story with a well executed ending, and it all felt very classic. On one hand it's a shame this wasn't made for BRAWL because I think the idea would have been one of the better riffs on the theme, but on the other hand it was nice to see realized as a full film with no time restrictions. Lovely stuff.

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It's a nicely executed little story, with great visuals and animation. Top-notch sir!

I was first impressed with the fantastic animation. It's smooth and natural, even among those pesky small and slow extra details that normally give people trouble. One detail I liked was the multitude of motion. (For example, at 1:38, the horse is moving, the guy is brushing him, his other arm is moving, then he leans over.) It's all there, and while extra work, it certainly adds depth and life to the simple little clip.

The concept is one of those simple, ludicrous, and endearing concepts that works really well with Lego. It takes a goofy idea (the horse's running style) and plays with the logical consequences and implications of that within a fun and innocent story. With the exception of the voice acting seeming a bit off at the start, the dialog flowed well.

The sets are fantastically constructed, and the jousting set is impressive for the detail included in such a big set piece.
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This. Is. Awesome! I love this! It is without a doubt the best brickfilm I've seen since S&S. I'm not usually one for comedic brickfilms, but the comedy in this was executed perfectly. The leading protagonist was a well developed character, considering the short screen time of the film.

Spoiler (highlight to read)I really felt sorry for him when he was told that he was disqualified from the jousting match.

I don't know if this is just a coincidence, but I've seen a few comedy brickfilms this year, and they all seem to be really funny and well done. Continue to impress. 5/5!

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I loved this. It felt like an old brickfilm. The comedy was very well executed, and fantastic animation as always. Great work!

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What fantastically smooth animation! What frame rate are you using? Also the horse animation was very well done. Nice job!

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Thanks everybody! In response to Geouug, this was shot in 15 fps.

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very nicely animated original idea. I checked Behind the Scenes photo and noticed that you seemed to build everything in some kind of block units, and it seemed like you can actually move them. When you were shooting the horse movements, were you a) moving the whole block with the horse on it (so it would appear that the horse is galloping, while it was standing still, and only the whole block was moving), or b) was the block still, and only the horse on top of it was moving?
I have yet to try to animate horse movements, but it occurred to me that maybe the option a) could actually work and be easier to do.

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Thanks, ThaukaFilms! To answer your question, we basically did option a), although since the camera was pointed upward, we only had to move the wall behind him, not any of the ground. This is a picture of the setup for this shot where you can see the (yellow) track the wall was sliding on.

I used a slightly different setup for the final shot, though, with the horse secured with sticky tack onto tiles, and this allowed me to make tiny adjustments in the horse's position to keep the movement smooth each frame.

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Very nice!