Topic: Easy Subtitles with Subtitle Workshop/VirtualDubMod

Hey, everyone. I was looking around (It's a German site, so run it through Google Translate) and I found a really easy, free way to make subtitles. Just follow the instructions they have. Like it says, GSpot is an optional software. Don't use it, it's not needed. Also, the link to Subtitle Workshop gives me a 404, so download it here. In case anyone finds the instructions hard to follow (I did) then here's how you do it. It's simple. Open Subtitle Workshop. Go to Movie > Open (Ctrl+p). Find your video file and import it. Then go to File > New subtitle. (Ctrl+n) Fast forward to the general area where the subtitle should appear, and then use the frame by frame tools to get to the exact frame. Click the "Start of the subtitle" button. (Hover over the different buttons for it to reveal which button is which if you're not sure.) go frame by frame to where the subtitle should end and click the "End of subtitle" button. Now type in your text. To start a new subtitle, click the "jump to next subtitle" button and do the same thing. Continue doing this until the movie is done. (It'll take a while!) When you're done go to File > Save as (Ctrl+Shift+s) and scroll down to find "SubStation Alpha", and double click it. Save the file, and close Subtitle Workshop. Open VirtualDubMod. Import your movie. (VirtualDubMod only supports .avi mini/sad) Go to Video > Filters (Ctrl+f) and click "Add". Import your .ssa file you just saved out of Subtitle Workshop. Then click "Ok". Go to Video > Compression (Ctrl+c). Choose your codec, but I suggest leaving it at uncompressed unless you have a great codec. Even though it takes up more space, exporting your video with a codec more than once will most likely mess with the quality of your video. Export it, and there you go!


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