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Watch Your Back

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This is a video I made recently. Please comment what you think - I'm still a beginner and some critical comments from other animators are appreciated.

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Welcome to Bricks In Motion! I hope you enjoy your time here!

The video was very clever. I can honestly say, I never thought of that joke.
Your animation was quite smooth, especially the walk cycle, and the pan to the side was well done.
There was a bit of light flicker, which was especially noticeable in the beginning shots, so I recommend you work on that in your future films.

All in all, very nice.

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Thank you for the comment:)  I will try to get rid of the flicker in my future films

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Great video! Somehow I never saw that one coming so 10/10 for the storyline! I liked the transitioning of the black screens at the start, as it gave the whole thing a more serious atmosphere. Your animation is also pretty smooth, so if this is one of your first few animations then the stage you are at now is quite impressive!

Aside from the light flicker as mentioned by undershadow, the only other thing I would recommend working on is to eventually do voices for your characters. Other than that, I look forward to your next brickfilm! mini/smile

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Thank you Lego Figure Productions! I'm glad that you liked it mini/smile  and yes in my future films i will try to make the voices myself mini/smile