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The Third Arrival


After eight months of production, The Third Arrival is here!

A scavenger and a space agent meet on a derelict mining ship, but must contend with a mysterious threat...

The Third Arrival is out now!
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Re: The Third Arrival

That voice actor was really good. Big fan of his work mini/lol

In all seriousness, though I really enjoyed this. It had some nice cinematography and it was pretty well animated. I consider this a big step up for you. It's by far your best work so far, and your animation and storytelling skills are really showing. Overall, it was pretty atmospheric. I'm a big fan of sci-fi when it's executed well, and a big contribution to making a good sci fi film is setting the atmosphere and giving it a unique feel. There is a definite lack of music at times, and there were moments when you could have benefitted from more musical accompaniment. But that's a very minor fault. If that's your biggest fault, then that's a definite sign of success.

This was really good. Glad to have been part of it!

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Re: The Third Arrival

I loved this short! The story was well executed and the sets were simply fantastic! Well done.
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Re: The Third Arrival

This is one of the best brickfilms I've seen for months! 5 stars! Great animation, brilliant voice acting (well done William Osborne!), great cinematography, and an amazing storyline! I look forward to seeing more from you, good job mini/smile

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Re: The Third Arrival

I enjoyed this and the pacing was good, but it left me wanting more.  Like the reasons for the actions on-screen.

I summarize by just copying comments I made on the BiM chat, so I don't retype it all out again:

T3A opening credits remind me of either Men In Black titles or Kick Me, an animation from

the 1970s

okay, now I'm only 24 second into this but I love the space station/ship's look!  So

tronpunk.. reminds me of 1978ish artwork from Angus McKie, a British sci-fi artist I so


These sets are beautiful.. They've got a Space: 1999 thing going or somthing.  I wish I

was half as elegant a set designer       

the vocals are not balanced.  I had to turn volume up to hear

I enjoyed this, but want to know more about the enemies.

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