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COLORBLIND - An Animated Short [Spirit of Adventure]


This film follows the story of a man who chained, yet content. His conscience, however, strives to set him free. He searches his mind in search of a switch. A switch to set the man free, and separate black from white.

This short would not have been possible without the incredible music of Dylan Johnson. He was able to make such a beautiful score in only a few short days. He also makes LEGO animations on YouTube, so be sure to check him out in the link below!

Made for the 2017 Bricks in Motion Contest "Spirit of Adventure"

Re: COLORBLIND - An Animated Short [Spirit of Adventure]

Congratulations on placing in the top 10! You've created an interesting atmosphere with the LEGO character choices, lighting, and music. I especially like the brick-built puppet at the beginning and the minifig with the hand-drawn face towards the end.

I think choosing to tell your story with visuals and music, rather than dialogue, worked very well here. Dyland's score definitely compliments the visuals nicely.