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Spirit of Adventure


An entry to the 2017 BiM Summer Contest: Spirit of Adventure.

Re: Spirit of Adventure [Spirit of Adventure]

I loved this.

The animation, lighting, and storytelling were all great, and I certainly did not see the end coming. All and all, a very well-rounded film.

Is there any particular reason you didn't remove the rig during the falling scenes?


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Re: Spirit of Adventure [Spirit of Adventure]

The deadline was fast approaching on this one.
I wish my idea had come to me two months earlier.

Re: Spirit of Adventure [Spirit of Adventure]

Really great work! The unknown works very well here. I was pulled in by the film immediately but kept pondering the water tank and why the man continued to water the plants.

The technical aspects and sets are executed nicely. The black background is simple yet suits the cliff set well.

Again, really great work. I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us next.