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Nothing says Christmas like stop-motion! And I'm proposing we put together a half hour television style special. I'm thinking we'll have a framing device in which the participating brickfilmers are together in some location (perhaps stranded at a train station during a blizzard after a festival, and meeting in person for the first time?) and recalling their most meaningful holiday memories. The stories they remember are told in flashbacks, cutting to the animated shorts (around two minutes long) that each person will be submitting. In the end, they will realize that while they can't be with their families, they have found common ground with their fellow brickfilmers, and in a sense, are spending time with family, and perhaps this is a story that each of them might tell someday.
Someone will have to film the framing device with the likenesses and voices of each contributing brickfilmer, so if you're interested in shooting that (or helping write that portion) then please comment in the thread.

I know I've specifically mentioned Christmas here, but even if you're not of the Christian faith, please do participate. I want to include every experience here, it's all about the brickfilming family we have here.

There will also be commercial breaks, so if you're not feeling inspired to tell an anecdote, maybe you can create a commercial. Toy commercials would be an obvious choice, but how about gift ideas, promos for other holiday specials, and even completely random commercials that have nothing to do with the holiday?

Before shooting, comment in this thread what your idea is so that everyone can get an idea of what you'll be contributing and so that we can get a feel of what we need more/less of. In fact, let's keep all communication public in this thread so that we're all on the same page. Try to make the goal length for your personal story animations between 1 and 2 minutes. They may be edited down if time constraints demand it, depending on how many submissions we get.

Copyright stuff: You will own your segment and may publish as you wish. No copyrighted music or sounds, as usual. Kevin MacLeod and are fine. Pieces from any theme and other non-Lego toys are fine, I'm sure we all have that one family member who runs around all Christmas in a Darth Vader helmet. It's you isn't it?

What you need to supply:

* A brickfilmed story from your personal experience, under two minutes.
* Your recorded voice over telling your story (if you prefer your story to be silent, that's fine, but we'll need the intro and outtro to bring it in and out of the framing device)
* A minifig of your likeness to appear in the framing device scenes (be prepared to mail it to whoever animates these scenes, you'll get it back after)


* A commercial (voice over and minifig avatar not needed) of exactly 15 or 30 seconds. Short and sweet is probably best.

The deadline is Oct. 31 2017
Yeah, I know that's Halloween, and it's weird to think about Christmas before Halloween time is over, but that date is about halfway between now and Christmas, which gives us time to compile the stories and commercials, do any editing, and create the framing device which holds it all together. It's also an easy date to remember.

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Sounds great I'd love to participate in any way


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This is so a good idea. I'm definitely interested in doing a commercial of some sort. I'll have a think and get back to you about details. Would 30seconds be enough for an ad or would you want longer?

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I am very interested in participating in this, but I think there needs to be more preparation. I'm assuming we'd organize it more before any production happens. Also, I'm not sure how comfortable I am with sending my precious minifigs to someone over the mail. mini/tongue

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I think I'll make a commercial. Can I make it public once it's complete before October 31st?

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Thanks for the response, I wasn't sure about putting this out there, and I didn't want to eclipse the Spirit of Adventure moment (which having watched all the films, there's some really good stuff, as always. Looking forward to the results!) but I did want to get a jump on this to give everyone time.

Shawarma, yeah it's not too tied down, I wanted to get a feel for who would be involved before getting too specific. I think the content of the stories will help define the theme, and that theme will really shape the framing device and the project. Which is why that part would have to be created last. For now, I think the focus should be creating the stories, and let's see what we come up with.

Also, if mailing of minifigures turns out to be too much of a hassle, We'll figure something out. For example, we can make your character look (and sound?) like Wallace Shawn.

AlphaWeasel, good question. It won't be a rule, I know a lot of us are trying to build our body of work for youtube views or demo reels. Ideally, I'd like for there to be as much brand new content as possible when the show "airs," particularly of the show itself, and the stories, but everyone will retain the rights to their own creations and can publish as they like.

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Well, my voice is nothing like Wallace Shawn's, but I'd consider it a compliment if I were portrayed that way mini/lol .

Yeah, I'm really excited about the possibilities of this project, and hopefully there will be a lot of interest!

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I really like this concept and I think it would be great to see it happen!

If I could offer a suggestion- you might want to set some sort of concrete goal for how many commercials you want versus actual Christmas content. If I know BiM members, you're going to wind up with about twice as much commercial footage as any other footage, otherwise.

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Squash, I totally agree. This is why I'd like for everyone to declare what they're doing in the thread, in as specific detail as possible. I'm looking into TV program formatting to follow the minute marks of when the commercial breaks happen, etc. to give us an idea of how much of each type of content we need.

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If I don't have the time to do anything else, I'll happily contribute by making some commercials. Just to clarify - do the commercials have to be for actual things, or are they just for laughs?

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A very nice concept, big fan of it!

Although I have to warn you (in the spirit of Squash's comment) that it might be very hard to get enough serious/heart-warming christmas stories, while you could probably get a full multi-commercial film without any problems. (Which would also be an interesting approach to take - portraying the consumer society for which christmas is just about buying stuff).

Can't say for sure at the moment but we'd probably try to come up with a short commercial mini/sunnies

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mini/eek Haha, I should have kept the commercials a secret until later!

Perhaps submitting a personal story should be a prerequisite to submitting a commercial?

As for the stories, they don't necessarily have to be serious or heartwarming, humorous events can be just as relatable. They also don't have to be two minutes, that's really more of the maximum length.

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If I find myself having time to do this, I'll definitely do a story. That sounds fun.

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Awesome. I got a full plate but I'll try to squeeze something in. Just a suggestion, if people are apprehensive of mailing minifigs, could we send a picture to the framing device animator and have him/her recreate it? Also could we have a little more info on the framing device such as who's narrating, and stuff like that.


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Brickman, yeah the picture thing is probably the best way to go. I'm not too sure about the framing device particulars, I figured we'd see what we have in terms of stories first.

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I would love to participate in this! I even think I have an idea for a story to do. We really need to have more brickfilm collaborations around here!

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Re: Collaborative BiM Half Hour Christmas Special!

I'm tempted ... with enough advance notice, I guess, I could pull off a share of the work! Let's do it!

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As soon as I saw the words "Collaborative" and "Christmas", I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do! I see a lot of people saying they want to animate commercials, and I understand that. There's more freedom with story and not everyone has a Christmas memory they think is worthy of a brickfilm adaptation. However, I was in a Christmas Carol stage play last year, and it is a perfect memory to turn brick! I can even ask the director, I know him well, if I can use some of the music he wrote for the play for the brickfilm. This is great! I actually really wanted to do something like this already! THIS WAS A FANTASTIC IDEA! mini/bigsmile

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William Osborne, the commercials are more for laughs, but if you want to try to get really dry and subtle on the satire, where we're not sure if it's a joke, that could be interesting too.

Undershadow and Supermelty, I like what I'm hearing!

I'm thinking of telling about the VHS tape my cousin shot when I was 5. He was really into theater and production in college, so he set up lights and a camera and a chair and interviewed everyone about their Christmas, complete with offscreen heckling from him and the rest of the family. I'm sure the video is lying around somewhere, so I'm thinking of recreating that scene and using some of the audio from the original tape to animate to, in the vein of Nick Park's "Creature Comforts."

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Should we email, PM, or post here our story ideas once we know the framing device animator?