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Hey everyone!

We at the Frame100 Podcast are planning a livestream as we all doing the fifteenth annual Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest (THAC XV), hosted by Bricks in Motion. Just for fun, Austin, Matt, Tom, Jared, Trevor, and I (Chris) will be streaming our animation process for the full 24 hours. That's right, you and your friends can watch us descend into madness as we animate for 24 hours straight! It's going to be great. Bring friends and snacks. We'll also be monitoring the live chat, may not be able to answer everything as we animate but it'll be a party nonetheless.

For more information about THAC XV, please check out BiM's post: … ary-2018/. We'll probably start a little before THAC officially begins and probably end a little after THAC officially ends.

To see the stream go down, check out Austin's channel Frame5 Animations here: … CUju5t6bA.

(Wasn't quite sure where to put this but since this is sort of our THAC pre-production thing, I posted it here. If it doesn't belong, we can move it, no problem.)

Thanks guys, and happy THACing! See you at the stream! mini/sunnies

Re: The Frame100 Crew Livestreams THAC

Cool, Awesome, Fun! mini/bigsmile

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Re: The Frame100 Crew Livestreams THAC

I can just imagine Austin critiquing everyone's walk cycle during the stream. mini/lol

Re: The Frame100 Crew Livestreams THAC

Wish I could make this awesome party! At least it gives me stuff to listen to though when I'm animating now! mini/lol

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