Topic: Where is moderator??

Where is administration?
I'ts about advertisement on your website.


Re: Where is moderator??

Right Here. I'm just a moderator, so if you're having a problem with one of the ads, you'll need to try an Administrator.

I've moved this to the 'Feedback' forum, which is where you can bring up issues like site glitches and problems.

What's the issue you're having? You mentioned ads, but didn't give many details. Also, the wording is a bit general, and could mean you want to advertise here. If that's true...

Site Guidelines wrote:

If you're looking to sell or give away something that other brickfilmers, by nature of the hobby, would be interested in, that's also fine.  But please don't make a thread to advertise a website or service, or that nice used car you're looking to sell.

Does that help?

Re: Where is moderator??

Hi, you can contact me with any inquires you have.

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