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I made a brickfilm based on a game, where worms fight. I used here home-made plasticide worms instead of minifigures, so that may be unusual.

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Well done, a very funny interpretation of the game!

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Nice work! No love for the holy hand grenade though... Maybe a sequel?

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Interesting. I really liked this. Might have to check out the game it is based on. The plasticene worms were pretty good, what kind of plasticene did you use to make them?

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Thanks. I'm happy to see you liked this stuff.

I may make an other brickfilm of this game with special weapons like Holy Hand Grenede and Concrete Donkey but I'm planning to make brickfilms in some other themes now.

I use plasticide which dryes on the air, and later I can paint it. But I don't remember what kind of palsticide exectly it is, I made these figures a few years ago.

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Captures the feel of the game really nice. Such unique games from way back.