Topic: Airport Mockup Promo Video

There's a damn mark on the lens I didn't pick up on -.-

This is a test of the camera and lens combination really, the Camera is a Canon EOS 1300D (Rebel T6i), which is the most entry level DSLR in the range. The lens is a Canon J13x9B4 2/3" Broadcast Lens which has been adapted to fit the camera, it has a doubler, which switches the zoom range from 9-128mm to 18-256mm, while keeping the f stop constant. Unfortunately because of the APS-C sensor in the camera the lens needs to be in x2 mode all the time to work at all.

The video itself is of a small Airport near my house, and the idea is to create a mock promo video to showcase what goes on there. Editing is something I'm relatively new to and I'm trying to improve on, I think this feels a little slow for a promo video.


Re: Airport Mockup Promo Video

Looks good. The "mock" part of the title threw me off a bit, I was expecting a comedy.