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Here's a short test I filmed, of easing in/out and walking, needless to say:

I'm relatively new at easing in and easing out, though I have a bit more experience with walk cycles. I decided to film this because I feel that I can always use more practice! Please ignore the fact that the ice cream on the table moves during the easing in/out portion and the fact that I had a little trouble with the camera zoom during the walking test, as I'm interested in knowing how the animation itself looks. I'd love have constructive feedback.

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Re: Easing In/Out and Walk Cycle Test

The arm lifting is a good start, what frame rate are you using there?
As for the walk, the arms and legs look pretty smooth. The next step would be to watch his head and make sure that it moves at a steady rate, or at least eases from one position to another consistently. This is the hardest part of a Lego walk imho, but that next level that I think we're all striving for in terms of fluidity of walking.

Re: Easing In/Out and Walk Cycle Test

Thanks for the honest feedback. The frame rate is 15 fps. I'll keep what you said about the head in mind. Thanks again!

Re: Easing In/Out and Walk Cycle Test

A good first attempt!

I would recommend taking more pictures for the arm lift (while still easing in and out of course) as it's a little bit choppy, but I'm sure if you experiment a bit more with this technique you'll find a good sequence. I'm not sure what tutorial you're using (if any) for the easing in and out, and there's a good chance you're using this, but if not then I strongly recommend taking a look at it!

As for the walk cycle, I would suggest that you don't move the arms out as far, unless you're going for something a little more cartoonish. My rule of thumb for arms in walk cycles is to not have the arm go so far as to have a visible gap between the hand and the body. As for the legs, you seem to have pretty much nailed that type of walk. Personally, I like to use the one shown in this video, but when it comes to the position of the legs it becomes more what you personally prefer. Oh and make sure to follow thistof's advice! mini/smile

As I said before though, great effort! mini/smile

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