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A young man, plagued by grotesque dreams and visions, is believes he is going mad. In an effort to make sense of the strange visions he's experiencing, he seeks help from his close friend and confidant...

Made for the 2018 BiM contest "Movie Magic".

Music composed by butchers&bloodwork

Re: Ivan

That was so good. Your plot was interesting, and the dream sequence was really well done. The mood you established was really great, especially since you did without too much animation and visual stuff.. The music and lighting had such an impact, and it all really worked together. This was a great entry for the contest, and we're excited to see where this places. Good luck in the contest.

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Re: Ivan

Thanks for the kind feedback! mini/wink

Re: Ivan


I liked the plot, and the execution was top notch. Everything was done well - good voice acting, lighting, set design, and animation. What really caught my attention was the dream sequence. I can't think of any other brickfilm that left quite the same impression of insanity.

I'd love to see what the behind-the-scenes looked like, especially for some of the more busy shots.

Good luck in the judging!


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Re: Ivan

Congratulations on getting second place! I have to say that this film was right up my alley- I love mysterious, obtuse, surreal films and this was a doozy. You've got a great visual environment built here; the lens effects were stunning and your lighting really gave the confidant scenes a sense of detached warmth, like sitting next to a fireplace in the dark. The animation is all solid, some nice subtle movements in those closeups that I know are hard to pull off. I also really liked the machine shots. The constant shifting of the camera was disorienting in a way that fit the nature of the dream really well. Good work on the sound design too; it integrated with the rest of the film very nicely. Stylistically, I think this was the strongest film in the competition.

I do think there's a possible pitfall in making this sort of film, in that the quest for abstraction can sometimes leave the viewer in the cold wondering what the meaning of the film was. From a director's standpoint it can sometimes be tempting to make something so open-ended that the audience can take away whatever they want from it- not necessarily a bad thing but something I'm personally wary about when I'm writing stories because I myself tend to use it like a crutch. That said, if you had a vision in mind for the film and it meant something to you, that's really all that matters in the long run, in my opinion.

This was a beautiful movie and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what you come up up with in the future. Thanks for entering!