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LEGO Avengers: Infinity War

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The Avengers try to settle down in NYC for some pizza, until the Mad Titan Thanos arrives...

Re: LEGO Avengers: Infinity War

Here's a late welcome to Bricks in Motion!
I was poking around for films that needed more attention, and I gotta say, this one could use some more.

While the setting is very different, I appreciated how you paid homage to many of the moments in the Infinity War movie.
The jerky, stop-and-go animation style, seen best at 0:34-0:36 actually works quite well for the film; giving it a unique feel. Using brick-built effects was another wonderful plus!

Like others on Youtube, I'd like to point out that the music choice at the beginning is a bit overused and "stock music" like, but it's not a huge flaw.

Hope you take the time to poke around the site a bit more, we're always glad to see a new face!