Topic: Legos doing things (testing movements and sequences)

Hehe hi this is a testing video I did a couple months ago, I tested some movements with medieval minifigs and a dragon lol
It’s made at 10 fps

Feedback is welcome and how can I improve the movements or else

Re: Legos doing things (testing movements and sequences)

Pretty nice stuff! That dragon is beautiful, looks very good for animating. I think it works better when the dragon does slow movements (the tail wagging or wings flapping, for example). I really liked the fire-breathing too, I wish that shot was longer!

The second half of your test is really cool, too. The cinematography is great, and the shots feel much more "dynamic". The camera movements mostly work well. I think it's hard to make "fast" camera movements because of the low framerate. The shot of the guy getting smashed made me chuckle. Very nicely animated.

Hope to see more!

Re: Legos doing things (testing movements and sequences)

This was a great watch, very enjoyable. Some great bits like the dragon’s new form and the creature at the very end. Image quality is really nice aswell.
Some of the moves did look awkward I am not sure if it’s the framerate or if you rushed to complete the shots particularly in the beginning of the video.