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Last February we held our first community event, Brickfilm Day 2018 as a celebration of all things brickfilming, marking the 45th anniversary of the very first known stop motion created using LEGO bricks -  ‘En Rejsen til Månen’ (‘A Journey to the Moon’).
For this event, 56 creators each produced a brickfilm or brickfilm related video, published at allocated time slots spread out across the day. … rZP2O9w2cP

In 2019, we will again be hosting the event on the same weekend as last, with the event occurring from Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th of February, also tying into the release of the upcoming Lego Movie sequel.

The concept behind the event is the same as in 2018, however, to allow for as many people as possible to partake this year, we will be spreading out the release schedule across 2 days rather than the one. This should also allow for a greater spread of uploads, giving each film a more substantial spotlight across our social media platforms.

You will be given full creative freedom over your project, providing you publish it at a mutually agreed time, and provide a playlist link to the other event entries. As well as promoting your video across our social media platforms upon release, there will be also be opportunities to appear on our podcast or brickfilmer interview video series to discuss your planned video, should you like.

If you’re interested in participating in this brickfilming celebration, or wish to ask anything regarding the event, please send us an email ([email protected]) or DM us on Twitter / Instagram (@brickfilmday) as soon as possible, so that we can can guarantee you a spot on the schedule.

Thanks everyone!

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Re: Brickfilm Day 2019 Festival Announcement

I’m interested in participating! Sent an email!

Re: Brickfilm Day 2019 Festival Announcement

I already sent an email. I can't miss this year's edition! So excited for this mini/smile