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The Sentinel


A dying man recounts his painful memories of war. WINNER of the Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest XVI.

It occurred to me that I never actually posted it to the directory and forums, so fixing that now!

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Re: The Sentinel [THAC XVI]

Congrats for your 1st place! Well deserverd! mini/bigsmile

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There's brilliance at work in this film.

This to me exemplifies an excellent use of theme. It not only has a "discovery" as part of the story, it also uses a style of storytelling to make the viewer discover the story as they watch it. It takes more than one viewing to put it all together cohesively, which in some films is a risk, but the directors know how to draw you in promising that there IS an explanation, a payoff for the viewer, so that you do watch it more than once, and you are able to open the puzzle-box story.

To do that with any story is talent, to make those decisions and do it in 24 hours, with such high-quality production and animation... Master-Level achieved.

This is certainly a welcome addition to your brickfilmography.
- Nate S.