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Vorstellung: Raphael


Long time ago, I did a small series of 4 Episodes to introduce and characterize my main Figures, which appear in many different storys of my brickfilm-universe. (Even though these characters already appeared in many of them. I felt the urge to give them a small clip for themselves)

First episode is about Raphael, a selfish, snobbish and vain, yet still somehow lovable nobleman. I adapted him from Soulcalibur 3, made his hair and parts of his clothes out of paper and paint and let him in my world with a few overdrawn characteristics... You can see some of them in this clip.

Also this is somehow a parody of an old hairspray commercial called "3-Wetter-Taft"

PS: And this is one of the first clips, where I played the whole soundtrack on my harpsichord. (This time it is Mozart... I thought it would give him more of a royal touch)

PPS: Sorry for this is also a german brickfilm.