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Shaq, or Shaquille O’Neal, is a retired Basketball player. But that’s not what we’re here for.
SHAC is a brickfilming contest that lasts 72 hours… So 3 days. Or 1 weekend.

Similar to THAC and BRAWL, SHAC requires entrants to brainstorm, write, record, film, edit, and submit a brickfilm within a set time limit.

Challenging, but fun.
This contest will begin on Friday, March 8th, 2019 at 12pm (midday) EST and will run for 72 hours. It will end on Monday, March 11th, 2019 at 12pm (midday) EST.

That gives just about every timezone a clean Saturday & Sunday for animation – with another day split up between Friday and Monday.

To find out what that is in your time zone, click here! … t+12pm+est
Anyone & Everyone! You don’t have to be a registered member to enter! Just make sure you stick to the rules, and you’ll be fine.
The rules are pretty simple:

Your work must be entirely made & submitted within the 72 hour period.

The mod elements must appear in your film. (more on that later)

Your entry must consist of at least 30 seconds of Lego or similar building-block toy animation.

No mature/explicit content is allowed.

And make sure to keep your entry unlisted before the deadline has passed!

Feel free to make brickfilms featuring copyrighted/trademarked properties, however, be mindful of copyright – especially on youtube.
The contest theme & mod elements will not be announced until the day of the contest.

To prove that your film was made within the time limit, it must contain the mod elements. For this contest, they are:

A Color Mod
This will be a combination of two random brick colors that will need to be connected, touching, or overlapping.

A Letter/Number Mod
This will be one of the 26 letters of the modern English alphabet or a number between 0 and 9.

These mod elements must be present in every shot of your film. You do NOT need to use both. You could combine them, use just one, or use just the other! Do it any way you see fit. Just make sure that at least one is visible in every shot.

A Sound Mod
A randomly chosen sound clip will be provided upon announcement of the contest. This must appear in your film. NOT during the credits. And NOT after the ending credits. This sound can be reversed, or digitally altered in any way, so long as it is still clearly the sound clip.

To Reiterate:
Your film must contain either the Color Mod, Letter Mod, or both in every shot. AND, you must also include the Sound Mod.
The Judges will be Dylan Johnson (myself), The Login Productions, OneBrickShy and two further judges who will be revealed at the start of the contest.
Entries will be judged based on originality, animation, set & costume design, cinematography, sound, story, and interpretation of the theme.

All entries will be publicly ranked.
The top three places will each receive a sealed collectible minifigure!

Plus, another of the accepted entrants will be eligible for the random draw to receive a collectable minifigure as well! To keep things fair, this entrant will be randomly selected based on their final ranking number – thus the need to list all rankings publicly.

This year, 1st place will also receive the grand prize of a Shaquille O’Neal minifigure!
Aside from the rule addition of adding numbers to the possible letter mod, this contest will be the same as it was last year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them down below.

And remember to have fun! mini/smile

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AWWW YIS! I didn't get a chance to enter this last year but I am hyped for this year. Easily one of the most awaited contests, next to THAC.

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

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Thanks a lot for that, Blandeer. Glad to know the contest is appreciated. mini/smile

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I was wondering if SHAC would be making a return! Glad to see its back. I wasn't able to enter last yea, but maybe this year  will be the one.

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Hopefully I'll be able to enter this year. Good luck everyone!

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I'm so happy to see SHAC returning! Unfortunely, turns out I won't be able to participate because of stuff.

Good luck to everyone who does enter, though!  I'm looking forward to your entries.

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Sorry to hear that, BertL. Halfway There was a personal favorite of mine. Maybe next year? mini/wink

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Unfortunately, I will also not be able to partake this year as well, as I'm going to be in Disneyland with my family to celebrate my Mum's birthday. However, I'm really pleased to see this make a return and I hope you get a great turnout mini/smile

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Good luck with the contest. I hope you get lots of great entries. I added the contest to the "Upcoming Brickfilming Events" section of the Brickfilmer's Guild home page.

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I'm definitely entering this, the timing is perfect, and I already have  a few ideas for the direction I want to go, and I should be able to be a little better prepared than I was for THAC.  mini/bigsmile
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I think I'll be able to enter this, it seems to be at a good time. THAC was pretty fun but the final product for me wasn't the best, but since this is 48 hours more, that gives me more time to polish my brickfilm. SHAC 2 is gonna be fun mini/bigsmile

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Oh boy yay! I might be able to enter this year!

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I'm very excited for this!
Might be my first time participating in a brickfilm contest mini/bigsmile

Also, I signed the petition for the name change haha mini/tongue

Let's do this!!!

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Ermagarsh I can't wait. mini/bigsmile

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Alrighty! I had a ton of fun doing this last year! Can’t wait to enter again!

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A little under two weeks away! mini/bigsmile

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I think that I'll enter this.

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This sounds like a fun contest. My THAC entry didn't go so well due to time:(  but I might be able to get something done with an extra 48 hours:)  I think I'll try to enter this!

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