Topic: Issues with c920 in Dragonframe

Hi all, sorry if this has been brought up before but I couldn't seem to find anything in my searches on here or google. Feel free to redirect me!

My main camera that I use to animate is a Canon Rebel T3 and for its age, the picture quality is great in DF but when I switch to my c920, which outside of DF has an eerily similar quality to the T3, the quality drops severely as well as having grey scrolling bars during playback. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on the best ways to set up and use my c920 with DF because the size and quality of the camera make it invaluable for brickfilming. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Issues with c920 in Dragonframe

Yep, those rolling bars on the webcam are a common problem.
In fact, I just had them show up last night while animating.

The only way to "fix" it is to play with your lighting. Try making the set brighter, then reducing the "exposure" setting in the advanced settings. C910's and C920's seem to have that problem in low lighting sometimes. I've also have had limited success unplugging and plugging it back in. That being said, I'm cunfused as to why the image quality seems to change in and out of DragonFrame. Haven't heard of that before.

Honestly though, since you've got a DSLR and DragonFrame, I suggest sticking with that. Yep, it's big, heavy, and a bit of a pain to adjust sometimes, but the image will be far better and you'll have more control over the colors, focus, zoom, and the ability to use different lens.

Re: Issues with c920 in Dragonframe

Try putting a Neutral Density filter or two in front of your C920 and adjust your exposure accordingly. I tacked a ND and a polarizer in front of mine, and haven't seen those nasty lines since.