Topic: Render settings - 15fps

What settings do you use when rendering a 15fps animation? Should I render at 15fps? Or can I use 30fps? Will rendering at 15fps upload ok to YouTube? I've animated on ones. I'm using Sony Vegas.

Many thanks.

Re: Render settings - 15fps

I've always rendered at 15fps. Since you are animating on 1s, it doesn't make sense to double the frame rate and increase the render time unnecessarily.

YouTube's never had a problem with my films, so yours should be just fine.

Re: Render settings - 15fps

Rendering at 15fps definitely keeps file size down (which is great) however, it can mess up things like post-production pans/zooms and scrolling credits. ...learned that one the hard way.

Re: Render settings - 15fps

Ok, great. I'll render at 15fps.

No scrolls or zooms in this one, but I'll certainly bear it in mind.