Topic: From Animation To Comics - The Art Journey Of Jeremiah Derby (Film)

Hi all,

It's been a looong time since I've been on this site but I wanted to post this documentary I just finished about my art career here because Stop Motion Animation/Brickfilming was a huge part of my Art Journey and I want to pay respect to this website and to all of the awesome creators here.

I began Brickfilming in 2011 when I was 11 years old after watching one of ForrestFire101's videos and I was hooked (Who wouldn't be though, ForrestFire is a legend mini/bigsmile )! On my old channel I animated between 40-60 animations over the span of 8 years and grew tremendously as an animator and artist (as well as person mini/wink. It wasn't until I graduated Highschool and realized that it would be extremely difficult for me to animate Lego in college that I began to transition into the art of sequential storytelling (comic books).

Follow the Journey of North Carolina Comic Book Artist, Animator, and Division 1 Athlete, Jeremiah Derby, as he pursues his dream to become a working professional comic book artist. This Documentary takes inside look at what a person can accomplish if they are dedicated, passionate, and relentless when trying to achieve their goals. #honeybadgernation

If you would please take some time to check it out and check out what I'm all about now then I would hugely appreciate it. Thank you Bricks In Motion for all you guys do, I couldn't do it without you! And to all the animators, keep animating!

Link to watch the documentary:

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