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Hey all!

I had an issue with Vegas Pro 14 (64-bit) while doing THAC (unfortunately prevented the film from being finished in time) and I wanted to know if anyone else has had this same issue - or might know how to fix this?

Dyland wrote:

I've never had this problem with Vegas before, but, am actually a little glad I did in a way - so now I can learn how to fix it and will never have that same problem again. I'm assuming it has something to do with the millions of saves, but I don't know. Even on the desktop's copy of Vegas the copied files & project do the exact same thing (no crashing, though, thankfully.)


Edit: FYI, the frames themselves aren't like super huge or anything - only 720p. And I've made sure the project framerate is right and everything... It's just that the audio becomes out of sync - with what shows in the timeline as well! I can't explain it!

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Re: Vegas Pro Issue

Got any more details on this?
I know previewing the film on my puny laptop in Vegas would desync elements while playing for extended times due to it being too much for the hardware to handle. But even then, the timeline would be fine along with the final render.