Topic: Good webcam capture softwares for free.

hello! if you want to get a webcam capture software, here is a list of ones i have used.

1. qstopmotion. pros: camera control, frame editing, onion skinning, grid overlay.
                               cons: for me, the video export did not work for me.

2. heron animation. pros: onion skinning.
                                      cons: it did not find my webcam, it does not have camera controls.

3. boats animator. pros: onion skinning, grid overlay.
                                   cons: no camera control.

4. monkey jam. pros: camera controls. video and image save, you can import audio.
                              cons: no onion skinning.

remember, these might work for you, they might not.

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Re: Good webcam capture softwares for free.

I'm pretty sure there's already a thread covering this.