Topic: contest suggestions

I just would like to know if you can make the contests age ranged to younger brickfilmers can be in a contest group with others their age and have a bigger winning chance. Because there is some younger animators that can make a good film for their age range. Because I do not think its fair for like 8-12 year olds to go against 20-40 year olds.

just an idea.

Re: contest suggestions

Hate to be the one to say this, but Bricks in Motion isn't for anyone under 13.

Because of that, a 13 year old could potentially have the same technical ability, or at least, storytelling ability as a 20-40 (we don't even have many 40 year olds here) and could compete fairly. And even if they can't win one year, they can definitely improve the next.

Don't get discouraged about contests! Just keep improving your work and one day you too can win a contest! mini/smile

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Re: contest suggestions

ok! thanks!