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Ok So i spent the whole of my day doing this:

Brickfilming Essentials For Dialogue.

Raising Arm Slow:  6
Raising Arm Medium:  5
Raising Arm Fast:  4

Raising Arm Slightly:  4

Raising Arm(s) To Head Medium:  14
Raising Arm(s) To Head Fast:  11

Kicking Leg Slow:  6
Kicking Leg Medium:  5
Kicking Leg Fast:  4

Leaning Forward Slightly:  6
Leaning Forward Medium:  7
Leaning Forward Far:  8
Leaning Forward Very Far (Bending Over.):  9

Leaning Back Slightly:  5

Leaning Forward With Arm Slightly Moving:  4 (4th Frame Is arm moving.)

Gunshot Backfire With Raising The Gun up:  6
Gunshot Backfire:  2

I did this because I thought it would be useful for you guys doing dialogue ya' know with WavTracker. (:

P.S This All includes the Frames where they move back to their original first frame.


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Its not just about how many movements you use, its how you alter the spacing between frames to make the animation look realistic.

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I don't understand?

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Umm....  Rsteenoven's statement makes perfect sense.

Also, I never use a set number of frames. Some movements need to be faster than others, others need to be very slow.

- Leo

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What Rsteenoven means Capedkid, is that how you space the movement from one frame to the next is as important as how many frames you use. In reality we have acceleration (an increase in velocity) as a motion begins, and deceleration (decrease in velocity) as it ends, both of which require more frames (say you have a car taking off and then stopping. Each I is your car's position [II-I-I-I--I---I---I--I-I-I-II]. See how there are more frames toward the beginning and end because the car needs time to initiate it's forward motion and to stop it?). We also have preparatory motions to help us begin motions (for example, if you were to punch someone with force, you would probably pull your fist back before you began throwing it forward to balance yourself and give time to reach maximum potential speed). There are a lot of different factors in movement, spacing is very important for conveying these, otherwise the animation can seem a bit stiff and robotic. That's what Rsteen was trying to convey.

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Ok I understand but I only meant it to be for WavTracker and stuff.