Topic: Female Voice Actor Needed (Resolved)

Hi, I am looking for a Female voice actress to play the role of a character in my new brickfilm "LEGO SPACE!". she is in both chapters 1 and 2 with a total of 13 lines of dialogue. Im looking for an American accent and an intense delivery.

The character is called Jenny:
-she's a scientist
-she's sort of a morally ambiguous character, she cares for the character benny but still has her own interests at heart.

In terms of the style, I would like it to be intense and emotionally charged if that makes sense.

the story does get kinda dark a points so uh yeah. no swearing or anything but just intense.

Examples of dialogue: “But what about Benny!” , “There’s not enough air for all of us we would all die!”

If you would like the part or want more details message me here or email me at [email protected]
Im looking to complete this in around a week but if it needs more time im willing to wait.Thank you.

kind regards.

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