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In the industrialized society of tomorrow, Detective Jack Darter must unlock the secret behind a mysterious robbery. This film was my entry to the 2008 FAR Contest, it won 1st place out of 9 entries. This is my longest film since "Attack of the Drones," and was in many ways my largest project to date.

Hey folks, I thought you might be interested to know that Unrenewable is now on the IMDb!

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Wow Sméagol, Congrats! Man that's gotta be awesome.

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Sméagol wrote:

Hey folks, I thought you might be interested to know that Unrenewable is now on the IMDb!

That's awesome! How did you get it on imdb?

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I entered it into some film festivals, it was shown at some of them.  If a festival is somewhat reputable/significant that is enough to make a film eligible for the IMDb.

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I can't wait to see Keshen enter Batman's Gay Roommate for Sundance. mini/smile

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This film definitly is a masterpiece.
The 10 minutes pass really fast, and you think at the end, it could have been even longer.
The optic of the film is just great; I absolutly love this film-noir-style.

The script and the story were both very good and thrilling - although it's kind of abrupt how Jack ends this whole thing. Though, after I read your making-of, I could better understand his action....
The Set/City-Design ist just awesome.... packed with all those lovely details. CGI and all those things are fantastic as always!

Well, this film shows what you can do in a brickfilm... I never get tired watching it.
Great work, really!

- JD
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Great job Phil, you must have been pretty excited.

0ldScratch wrote:

I can't wait to see Keshen enter Batman's Gay Roommate for Sundance. mini/smile

It won't be long now, I'm just finalising the paper work. mini/bigsmile

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Wait, how much does it cost to do that? Or are you joking?

I just realized today that I completely forgot about the deadline for a youth film festival I entered last year. Oh well...

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At least you guys know of film festivals local to you.

We should start a thread or something where we list known film festivals that we may want to enter our films in.

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Okay, not to be pretentious here, but I messed up the original discussion thread and didn't want to just erase the posts lost, so here they are:

Spudster wrote:

Simply spectacular. Although the smoothness of the animation could have been better, it was amazingly epic. You rock, Smeagol!

CJWFilms wrote:

Smeagol, this is my favorite brickfilm. The special effects, music, and the voices were the best parts of the film!

I can only imagine studio wrote:

This is probably brickfilming at its best! for some reason in this genre many brickfilmers feel a need to show somebodies head blow up.(not good when you have a younger sibling watching the film with you) thankfully Smeagol posseses enough talent to make a clean interesting story!

Night Owl wrote:

Like I've said before, I love this film. It has a fabulous visual look with a very interesting story that doesn't try to be more than what it is. I particularly like the use of acting and animation to give each character a distinct personality. You should do a spin-off series called "Tales from the Beached Whale".

High Tower wrote:

Unrenewable is splendid! The visual style presented in this film is what sets it apart from the rest. Every scene has great atmosphere, with great voice performances all around. The cinematography is great as well, and the way that the main character is introduced is no less than drool-worthy. A fabulous film in all respects.

This one remains on the HD, and should be required viewing for all filmmakers.


T.G-Tom wrote:

I saw this film like a million times now, and still, i see new things in it. A classic we never must forget  mini/smile

Yo-Blob wrote:

Wow!  This film was simply stunning!
The cinematography, lighting, and story were simply superb!  All the hidden little details really added to the universe you created in the film, and really expand the story upon second viewing.  Did you add a film grain filter, or is that just how it looked when you filmed it?  Either way, looked great!

Filip wrote:

Smeagol you've done it again when watching this film repeatedly for the past month. The plot is fantastic and the noir element it has is what must keep viewers locked on this film. If it is not that then it has to be the superb quality of your camera, or your excellent animation or even your gripping story that hits us with one mystery after another. An epic film entry into FaR.

Piet wrote:

I think the combination of real sets and CGI in this movie is perfect! I tried to guess in some sequence what's real and what's not .. I failed! The scene I love most is outside of the "Beached Whale".
Great Job, good ambiance!

Keshen wrote:

Hey Phil how long did Unrenewable take to make? From pre-production to 100% complete?

me: I came up with the idea in December 2007, and wrote the script shortly thereafter.  On December 31st, 2007, I took some panoramic photographs of a sunset with the intent of using them in Unrenewable, which I did, though during this time I was working on "The Oven."  I got most of the dialog for the rest of the cast recorded in February or so, and built the set for Jack Darter's office.  Shortly after building it I dressed it up a little and used the same set for a scene in "Cashman."  I started filming Unrenewable in late May or early June, and filming, writing the score, post-production, and editing all took place at the same time.  So it was completed about 45 days after I started filming, though there was slower on-and-off pre-production before that.

Manvan wrote:

A bit late on the response here, but great job Smeagol!  I know you know I am a big supporter of yours, and getting on IMDB is pretty nifty.  It would be cool if you did the stuff here, like upload the full film, or even try to submit to "over 800" film festivals.  Anyways, great job, and this remains one of my favorite brickfilms.

GoldenMotions wrote:

That was really awesome Smeagol your my favourite brickfilmer.;)

Keshen wrote:

Well it definitely payed off mate, congrats on your effort and especially your outcome. Look forward to seeing more from you.

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It's a great film. My love of future noir probably makes me biased, but so what. mini/smile

Moody lighting, cool set pieces, CG that doesn't draw attention to itself, great music -- all there to serve the story. Definitely a work to be proud of.

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I liked it, though the scenes in the dark were hard to watch, the water effects on the detectine were awesome looking.


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of BiMAward-winning brickfilm Unrenewable - Poker Face Fan Cut  Lady GaGa song I added.

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That is the true meaning of Brickfilming. mini/delirium

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This is such a great film Sméagol, you did a fantastic job with it. The effects blend nicely with the animation, and the write up of it shows your ingenuity and thinking process while making Unrenewable. Everything looks great, and lighting is done very well.

This only gets me more excited for Space Opera, to see what else you have up your sleeve, in terms of effects, animation, and film. Fantastic job.


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I can't access the film page mini/eek

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Rich, it hasn't been reviewed by the panel yet so the film page isn't accessible.

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I saw this when it first came out. Wonderful job Smeagol!

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Six months and it's still inaccessible?  You reviewers need help?

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I didn't submit it to the directory until July 23rd.  It's near the top of the list now, though.