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Some of you saw it at the premiere...well, I don't have much to say about this...

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This film wound up being one of my favorites from STAR. The music fit the mood very well, and the foggy camera added to surrealistic, dream-like quality. The only thing I'd point out were some sets bumps and light flickers, but otherwise, not bad overall, in my opinion.
Nice One, MPfisto!

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Dream ONE - MPfist0

Poor camera quality, but I think you did pull off the mood you were going for. Still, the entire film seemed rather dreary and pointless to watch. Perhaps I missed the point/story of the film.

- Leo

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Another STAR entry that felt like a David Lynch movie.
Not the greatest, animation wasn't extremely good. Story wasn't very comprehensible either.

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I would demand my 5 minutes back, but that got lost with the rest of the film, including the plot.