Topic: STAR Results!

STAR Results have been announced!

The Winning Entries

  1. The River by Nikolas Jaeger
Total Score: 94.1/100

Story: 80.5/100
Theme: 100/100
Presentation: 100/100

  2. CYCLIC by David Boddy
Total Score: 82.8/100

Story: 75/100
Theme: 72/100
Presentation: 91.2/100

3. Crisis Reverted by AncientBricks & PdoubleyouC
Total Score: 66.1/100

Story: 80.6/100
Theme: 50/100
Presentation: 63.9/100

Remaining Finalists

4. Time and Space by Filmyguy
Total Score: 49.7/100
Story: 73.1/100
Theme: 69.4/100
Presentation: 27.8/100

5. ExTerrestrial by Fatal Extraction
Total Score: 46.7/100
Story: 58.3/100
Theme: 41.7/100
Presentation: 41.2/100

6. Mind Control by the Leftfielders
Total Score: 45.8/100
Story: 50.9/100
Theme: 41.7/100
Presentation: 44.4/100

7. Clic-Clac by Timfee
Total Score: 28.6/100
Story: 13.9/100
Theme: 38.9/100
Presentation: 33.3/100

8. Through the Years by Moo-C-J
Total Score: 25.3/100
Story: 13.9/100
Theme: 50/100
Presentation: 22.2/100

9. Time Police by The Frozen Brick
Total Score: 23.8/100
Story: 2.8/100
Theme: 11.1/100
Presentation: 41.7/100

10. Time by Darkman
Total Score: 14.2/100
Story: 5.6/100
Theme: 0/100
Presentation: 25/100

Thank you to the other judges (Noodle, Keshen, 0ldscratch, in addition to myself) and to all our entrants for support of the contest.  Thanks as well to Cheshire for agreeing to donate the 1st prize.  Congratulations to everyone who completed a film for this contest and especially to the winners.

Films were judged in three categories: Story (30%), Theme (20%), and Presentation (50%).  Note that all though score deficits are large, they are not necessarily a direct indicator of quality as determined by the judges -- they are based on rankings in the respective categories.  Effectively, a zero in any category is roughly 15th place in that category, though the system was really only designed to accurately indicate results for the top 10 entries.

Transcript of the results chat

Re: STAR Results!

Congratulations Night Owl. It was deserved. And thanks you Smeagol for organizing this.

Good night and Good luck (:P )


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Re: STAR Results!

Congrats Night Owl!



Re: STAR Results!

Congratulations, Night Owl.

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Re: STAR Results!


Re: STAR Results!

Congrats to Night Owl, Bodville,  PWC, and Ancientbricks!
Great entries!

Re: STAR Results!

It's kind of funny that Night Owl got first place in the STAR and best cinematography in the BiM awards.
You're so awesome, Night Owl.

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Re: STAR Results!

Congratulations to Night Owl his film was just what the Doctor ordered.
Well done to the top ten they were all great films and very enjoyable.
Thanks to the hard work by the BiM team putting all this together.


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Re: STAR Results!

Congratulations Night Owl, Bodville, AncientBricks, and PdoubleyouC! All the winning films were great. I really liked Mind Control too, though, and I'm surprised it didn't do a little better.

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Re: STAR Results!

Congrats all who entered, especially Night Owl. I loved all of the entries. mini/wink

Jerry Hunte

Re: STAR Results!

Great job Night Owl, and to all else who entered!

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Re: STAR Results!

Congratulations to Bodville, Ancientbricks and PdoubleyouC and especially
NightOwl. His entry deserved to win.


Re: STAR Results!

Congratulations all the people who entered, got nominated and won! mini/bigsmile

Re: STAR Results!

IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@?{IYREQSCFGFGVMJKHJJN. Ohhh...what, I didn't even enter. mini/twitch Well, addlest the winners were good. mini/tongue

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Re: STAR Results!

This is congratulatastic.

Re: STAR Results!

Congratulations to all,you deserved it.


Re: STAR Results!

Thanks a lot, everyone!

Re: STAR Results!

Damn, I composed for the 2 LAST films... I tought they were good...

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Re: STAR Results!

me too...

I'm BACK! mini/bigsmile

Re: STAR Results!

They're not last overall, that's just the top ten.