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We hope you enjoy the hilarious adventure of the dashing superhero, Tectonic Man! mini/bigsmile

Comments and suggestions are welcome....

And here's the link... … &hl=en

A Download is also available with the following link... … ic_man.wmv

If you enjoyed this film, we invite you to watch the sequel which is in this forum, here's the link... … atchables/

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Re: Tectonic Man

I had never seen that before, it was quite fun.  I liked the water and electrocution effects at the end.  It felt like an old show not only visually but in the voice acting and style of the storytelling.  The voice acting is very good all-around.  Nice work!


Re: Tectonic Man

I really enjoyed that. The feel of the film was very cool, and it was more entertaining than most. Great work.

- Leo

Re: Tectonic Man

nice! I loved the voices (much better than I could do) it was a lot like the super man cartoons exept that there aren't ten thousand of Tectonic man episodes with the exact same story!

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