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Hi, I was wondering how to blobk out the noise the computer makes when recording a voice/sound?
I just don't have a clue, Thanks for your help.:(

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Download Audacity (it's freeware) and use the Remove Noise filter. That'll help a little, though depending on the quality of your mic you might not be able to do much before the voice starts to distort. What mic are you using?

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Re: Audio Help!

What type of mic are you using? I use XLR mics and run the cables 50 feet away from the computer. I also turn of the heat/AC and the refridgerator when I record. You should also record a few seconds of silence as many software packages will allow you delete that silence (noise) from the rest of the recording.

If you can extend the mic as far away from your computer as possible.

If you can't through a blanket over the computer for the few minutes you are recording.

You can also open the case and disconnect the case fan that is ususaly the source of much of the noise. While you are at it, vacum out all the dust kitties.

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