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War of the Worlds: Lego Edition 2


Created nearly 2 and a half years ago, this brickfilm is what helped me get on the right track for what makes creating a short film work. I created a script for the first time, I story-boarded, I didn't rush myself. I hope anyone that enjoys my work finds something interesting about my earlier work.

Summary: 1 year later, the invaders have taken complete control of the planet, with most of humanity being wiped out. A group of survivors find documents that describe a virus that could destroy the invaders for good. Can they survive an epic journey to save mankind?

Teh Tripod has teh extra boost.

I am devoted to proving that the brickfilm art can be just as serious, emotional, and entertaining as anything in the professional film industry.

Re: War of the Worlds: Lego Edition 2

Nice film. When's the next one coming out?

Avatar, ah? I didn't know we sighed up to control half human half alien bodys? (If you get the joke you WIN. If you don't then you FAIL.

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Re: War of the Worlds: Lego Edition 2

Ah, I remember this!

Really, there is nothing spectacular in the tech department...but thats not the focus at all. I love how this instead of following the original story, it dives into a completely different plot. It is original, and almost unique in style. The only thing I wish is that you make the next one mini/wink



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