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Alright it finally is here mini/smile

Youtube part 1

Youtube part 2



I started scripting this film a month after I released The Quest For The Blood Diamond. I felt like continuening the film
into A trilogie. As soon as the script was done I started a Casting call. luckaly I didn't need much new voice actors cause
I got all the people who voices in the last film again mini/smile
while they were doing the lines I started set designing. this didn't really went well. I must have made a lots of
alternative sets. I printed a lot of backdrops and each time none came out good. I wanted to give the set a very warm feeling
so I just used a white expanse and it came out very well mini/smile.
I started filming about half May and filming was done Half october (so I filmed about 5 months). I already asked Schlockading
if he would compose The Quest For The Blood Diamonf II cause BertL (the composer of the previous film) his composing software
was broken. So I after a couple of weeks I asked how far he was and he said he hadn't started yet and said he probably can't
finish it in time and that I should look for a new composer.
Luckaly not long after that I found a new composer. Steven Studberg, he hapily wanted to compose it for me mini/smile.
and on 11 december Steven had finished composing it so all left for me was to render mini/smile
And now today 19 december I'm releasing The Quest For The Blood Diamond II onto the brickfilmingworld mini/smile
And I hope everybody likes and enjoy's it.
I spend about 8 months on the film. I hope it all was worth the time and effort mini/smile
I hope to impress people in the directing and cinemography part mini/smile

I like to thank: Jason Boyle, Emily Boyle, Jürgen Daube and his father, Kovi Henenberg, Traditionel brickfilms, Mindgame,
Steven Studverg, Schlockading, Thomas Missault, Michiel Vaenderwijck, Laurens van lanschooten, hille peeters, lawrence Green,
Daragh Twomy, Night Owl, Harry Bossert, Filip Bergström, Sean Willis, Kevin Donovan, Crhistian, Storgero, Antifaan,
Shrankenhiemer, Rsteenoven, Jamie Mackinnon, Andrew Munzapoppa, Jared Lohnes, Matt Gillan, Thijs Van Brunschot, BertL, VN
Dewfilms, NXTManiac

So I hope you enjoy the film mini/smile


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I saved my review from the old BiM:


Nice film, there hasn't been a moment where I got bored or distracted. I'll give my honest opinion.

The good:
First of all, I really liked how you portrayed the desert. The brightness in combination with the blurryness gave a nice feel to it. Besides that, the sets were very minimal but you adapted them quite well. Steven also did a good job on the soundtrack, it wasn't too monotonous and it had some nice swells in it.
The voice acting was suberb, especially the one who did the stranger had an awesome accent. What I also liked was the last scene, where he looks back on what he had gone through. If you hadn't put that scene in it, then it would've ended very abrupt so good job on that.
The animation was perfectly fine and I didn't notice any flaws in it.

The bad:
Well, there were quite I few things that I was bothered about; particulary in the post production. I noticed quite a few mistakes in the editing, you made some very fast cuts which made me confused and the whole thing went too fast to follow it. You also put in some black parts between the shots which were quite annoying and I think didn't add anything to it.
Next to that, there was music everywhere! I can't remember a moment, apart from the beginning, where there was no music. It felt like there was a 10 minute soundtrack playing constantly. It could've used some more silent parts, because I got a bit agitated by hearing the music constantly towards the end.
Last but not least: You used a couple of weird camera angles, for example when the stranger and the protagonist were talking; you used a shot where they both were cramped in the lower-right corner and the rest was filled with background. The whole thing was sloped too.

I hope you'll improve on those parts, the story itself and the rest were great! It's amazing that you hold onto this for 8 months, certainly couldn't have done it myself. Looking forward to your next 'Darkman Production'! mini/wink

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Like i said on the old forum i lookforward to part 3.


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I never saved my old review.

My old YouTube is since long ago defunct - now even removed.
Here is my new one.

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it's still great!!

''You don't have to tell him how great is coffee is man!''

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It's been like one week since the release.

My old YouTube is since long ago defunct - now even removed.
Here is my new one.

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And it's amazing that you anounced a third film in the saga.

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I typed out a new review mini/smile

The quest for the blood diamond two has a very well thought out and greatly executed story. The characters all have their own personalitys and all contribute greatly to the film. The animation would be in the average markings as it was choppy and too fast at some parts. But easy to watch none the less. The cinematography in the opening scenes was perticualrly pulled off well; with the overexposed lighting in the desert scenes and the long range shots in near the middle of the film.

However, the scene where Jack's future self dies confused me, shouldn't Jack be worried that he would die in the future? Or does he already know that he can change that?

Overall, exelent film.


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All I can say is Amazing

Happy THACing mini/sunnies

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The Quest For The Blood Diamond II (2008)

      I felt this movies overall pacing was rather "choppy." Sometimes it would drag on by its heavy dialog, other times, it was hard to keep up. For intance when the Blood Diamond was buried, the "few hours later" clip was rather unnesscary. And it left me rather confused. I did notice a couple flaws, such as when the evil professor was lying on the ground. In one shot, the diamond was lying down on the ground next to a pistol; the next shot, it poofed into the professor's hand.

     Next, the voice acting. For the most part, it was subpar. Casting Jason Boyle really wasn't a great choice.(No offence.) Jason's acting has always been a little too monotone. The furutre Jack's voice, however, was spectacular, I haven't seen such great drama in a voice since American Outlaw. The professors voice, was a little too heavy on the accent. Half the time I could not comprehend what he was saying.

    As for the technical aspects, it was okay. I noticed a few prop bump here and there, such as the snake crawling into the crack. The animation was good in some points, but rather choppy in others. The camera angles seemed to have been 'forced.' It felt as if you were trying too hard to get good angles. The thing that bothered me was that most of the alternative angles, were roughly 45 degrees. The muscial score, despite some MIDI-like parts, was rather fitting. It was for me, the only thing that kept the movie intact.

The film was okay, but it was too much of a mixture between 'campy' and drama. Which did not help set the mood.

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Contains spoilers and honesty. You have been warned.

The Quest for the Blood Diamond II
Stijn Heirstrate


If I had to choose one word to describe The Quest for the Blood Diamond II, I'd use the word "enigma." For starters, the film's existence in the first place is somewhat confusing. The first Quest for the Blood Diamond was a complete story; as Heirstrate has mentioned, the plans for the sequels were only conceived after the first was completed, and for these reasons, I have to question the motives behind the follow-up. Was he hoping the success of the first would bolster the reception of the second (a plan that worked, if it was the case)? Did he just want to work with the same talented voice cast again? Or did he truly feel there was more of the story to tell then he had the first? And if so, was the introduction of time travel really a wise decision? Until the third film comes out and it becomes more apparent what Heirstrate is up to, there's no way to tell.

Whatever the reasons behind the film's conception, it is well executed. The story is engrossing, pulling the viewer in early and never letting go, an accomplishment that many two-minute shorts don't manage to pull off, and one that Heirstrate should be proud of considering the 13-minute duration of this film. The dialogue is, for the most part, well done, and there's a good balance of speech and action. Nothing feels extemporaneous, and it doesn't feel like there's anything left out.

But every script has its flaws, and there are a few here, mainly in the climactic scene. The (supposed) five-second countdown is far too long; the pace of the scene is thrown completely off, not to mention the fact that Jack and Elia's exchange deteriorates into melodramatic soap-opera dialogue that the film had thusfar and thereafter avoided. And why does Jack wait until after Elia has been killed to attempt to dive for his gun? Why does Elia allow herself to be killed in the first place? Unless it's revealed in the third film that the sacrifice of a fair maiden takes away the diamond's powers, I fail to see how her death would do anything more to prevent the Professor's plans than force him to walk over to the diamond and pick it up. The scene had a lot of potential, but has the feel of being hurried over during rewrites in the anticipation of getting started on animation. The rest of the script is quite well done, and it's a shame that the one speedbump is such a pivotal part of the film.

Technically, everything does its job, but won't win any awards. The animation is above average, but not stellar. The music is well done, though disappointingly MIDI-y and distractingly loud, especially during the aforementioned climactic scene. The sound effects are adequate; my only gripe would be that the two vehicles, though obviously different, sounded exactly the same when starting. The voice acting gets the job done, and two in particular (the Stranger and the Professor) stand out as above-average, though I have to wonder why Heirstrate casted a new actor as the future Jack, rather than using Audacity to alter Jason Boyle's voice. Are we expected to believe Jack's voice loses its huskiness and gains a Western accent in the future? Or is this a hint at some plot twist in the third film?

The cinematography and foreground lighting are well done, but Heirstrate's decision to use an overexposed background to convey the intense heat and light of the desert is questionable. Intentional though it was, the extreme closeness of the overly lit background makes it uncomfortably obvious that there's a third reason for its existence: the fact that it probably cut set building time in half, if not more. It's an interesting experiment and an interesting result, and I'd like to see it explored further (perhaps an overexposed background further in the distance), but in this film it doesn't quite have the desired effect.

Though it had its foibles, you'd be foolish not to check this film out, because it does what brickfilms are supposed to do: entertain. The Quest for the Blood Diamond II was a fun thirteen minutes, and I look forward to see how Heirstrate wraps it all together in the final film. It's quite an accomplishment, and one that should be enjoyed by anyone with the bandwidth to do so.
Overall Grade: B

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I would up it to B+

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Wow.... euh... wauw thanks for the huge and interesting review Noodle.

But thanks to the rest of the reviewers of course mini/wink

I think a lot of people think that TQFTBD III will be about the bad future.
but it isn't, there is no bad future no more.

some people don't get it.

"Stranger" went back in the past to kill professor Voet before he uses the powers of the diamond to take over the world.
he dies and didn't kill voet.
why is the future changed ?
Because he told Jack and Elia of what is going to happen in the future.
And when Voet asked her to give him the diamond she realized that by her giving the diamond to voet, she would doom the world
So she sacrificed herself for the world
If jack didn't came from the future she would have given him the diamond not knowing she would doom the world.
And why did "Stranger" disappear ?
Cause Jacks future changed, and his future him "stranger" doesn't exist anymore
only a the bit where he was in the past.

Now... what should you expect for the sequel ?

Well you have: Professor Voet is alive and has immortality.

What would he do after so many years ? Go again after the diamond ?

Currently I'm working on the script now and I'm surtenly gonna work a lot more on it than the first 2 films. I wrote those both scripts in like 2 weeks.


wish me good luck on the final mini/smile


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Re: The Quest For The Blood Diamond II

Good luck on the final mini/tongue

Re: The Quest For The Blood Diamond II

That clears up a lot for me, Darkman, though I'm still confused how Elia's sacrifice did anything more than inconvenience Voet while he walked over and picked the diamond up.

I hope you didn't get the wrong impression from my review, Darkman... I really enjoyed this film. But I reviewed it as a FILM, not a BRICKFILM, a criteria that would leave even the most revered of brickfilms short (in some cases, well short) of a perfect score.

Congrats, Darkman, on a great film, and I look forward to seeing how you tie this together. It was quite an accomplishment, and I hope that TQFTBD3 is everything this one was and more. Good luck! mini/smile

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Re: The Quest For The Blood Diamond II

Wow! That was well worth the wait.

The atmosphere was well done, and I really liked the music. And I was impressed with some of the inventive camera angles, but some of the others were a bit too jarring. I thought the death of Elia was one of the saddest moments in any brickfilm I've ever seen. However, I too felt that her death didn't actually stop Voet from getting the diamond. But it was still very touching.

There is one thing that I was wondering; how did the Blood Diamond's power actually work? Did it make Professor Voet immortal simply by touching it? Because Tyro touched it, so wouldn't it have made him immortal too?

Is time traveling going to be featured more prominently in the third installment? Because that would be really cool if it was.

Anyway, great job, Stijn! I'll be looking forward to TQFTBD3!

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Thanks guys mini/bigsmile

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You know I think the immortality power would wear off if the Blood Diamond was destroyed that would finally kill Voet. mini/rolleyes

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Okay i finally got around to watching this.The visual effects are AMAZING.However i thought it was too short.I know how long it is but it still feels short.I thought the "taking over the world" thing was a little too cheesey because its used to much these days.The future self thing was a little cheesey too.And i thought there should have been stronger gun shots and some flowing blood effects.That would have made the film a little stronger.The music was okay.Overall it was pretty good.****