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Mr Bad Frame -BIM 2010


My entry to the Brick in Motion 2010: Avant-Garde. It's the story of Mr Bad Frame, who is animate at 3 fps... But unfortunately for him, the rest of the Lego people are animated at 15 fps.The story is a little strange, and there are not voices, but I have miss time. Enjoy!

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I'll just put the review I wrote on YT here too:

A great story turned in too a good brickfilm. While the animation (where it should be smooth) was pretty smooth, I really miss voices. Or else you should just have made it without them saying anything at all, and we would have to use our brains to understand it. I would've liked it more that way.
The music really fits the film well, and the other sound and special effects are very well done. Still, I was hoping for something better. It did reach my expectations, but not more.
My rating: 4/5

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One word: Interesting.
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I liked the fact that this film had a lack of dialogue, it added a nice element to it. Other than that, the story is well thought out, and the animation is good, except for the obvious. There were a few obvious light changes, but I think that was intentional. I liked most of your effects.

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lil'jj wrote:

There were a few obvious light changes, but I think that was intentional. I liked most of your effects.

Yes, it's intentional.

I said on youtube:
I really miss time, then, I have not made voices. I am disappointed. Thanks!

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The idea is very good ! I guess the scenario is not enough developed but as you say you miss time.
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We're going to agree with Scypax & Ludvig on this one. We will rate it a 4/5.

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Very good idea and very original. Great job! mini/bigsmile

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Thanks! Exactly, Aiwha mini/smile

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Really like the story and the idea behind it.

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Thanks mini/smile

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That was great! This made my day, and this is definately A-G! Is it too early to mention BIMA? I don't think so, if you do get there, I will most certinately vote for your vid in the BIMA's, and most likely I'll vote for you in A-G, because I doubt anyone can go up to this good!
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I was really looking forward to this, and it's pretty satisfying! I loved the idea and it all looked very proffesional the use of bubbles made it seem more... emotional for Mr. Bad Frame because it would be something that would stick with him because he would read them right? The animation was quite smooth, very enjoyable. mini/smile

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Thanks legostudiosplus and Lamplight!

I don't know if the film is quite good for the BIMA's, and I don't know if I have chances to Avant-Garde, but I'm really glad that you like my movie, and I hope won something.

And it's right, Lamplight, thanks.

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Very creative! My favorite part was when the bad singer "splatted" against the wall. Personally, I didn't think the ending was happy. mini/tongue

One thing I think would have made more sense is if his mouth were to move a 3fps too.

Nice film! mini/bigsmile


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It's a pretty good movie! I just think some of the effects didn't blend in too well, and some of the sets weren't too detailed. I liked the concept though; it was a great movie to watch!

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Mr. Bad Frame is a generally interesting film. The plot it's self is very creative, well executed, and, as it is supposed to be, Avant-Garde. LgfbStudios has created something that could really give some of the veteran brickfilmers a run for their money. He is generally a more amateur brickfilmer, but here he has shown just what he can really do.

The beginning sequence is technically not that great, however it doesn't waste time over long titles, and instead gives a short explanation of who Mr. Bad Frame is. The animation is actually very smooth (Apart from Mr. Bad Frame obviously) and therefore works with the story perfectly, as any slow animation would have ruined both the mood and the plot.

In technical terms this film lacks. The light flickers show up quite often and the camera work has a lot to be desired. This film however makes up for this in it's other departments.
At seeing the splash of the coin in the fountain at scene 1, I thought this film is gonna have awful effects, however I was very wrong. The escalators scene and the scene where Mr. Bad Frame talks to his "Creator" is pure genius. The beams of light are a bit iffy, but the rain works well and looks quite real.

So overall this is an over-average film with some good effects, smooth animation, and a great storyline. A good contender for the competition, and it'll certainly get a 76/100 from me.
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Just Kidden: Oh, it's a great idea!

BGanimations: Thanks!!!

LegOpinions: It's the best review of my movie! Thanks!

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I believe every animator has a breakway brickfilm. I think this is yours.
4/5 And subscribed.

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