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A halloween film made for the Festival of Souls (FOS) contest 2010
Big thank you to Jargon for voicing in this film, and LegOpinions for hosting the contest mini/smile

Made using:
Logitech QC Pro 9000
Sony Vegas Pro 8
Helium Frog
Music by Kevin Macleod.
Enjoy mini/smile



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Very good video. I loved the special effects and I loved how you pulled off legos being scary.

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WOW! Just, wow. mini/eek  Emma, you have pulled off one of the hardest things to accomplish in moviemaking: Not completely avoiding ghost/horror cliches while still making it scary and new. Though the animation suffered choppy parts, it was overall something I would watch again. And again. And again. You have accomplished this beautifully, and this is a shoo-in for the winner of the Festival Of Souls. 6/5.

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goldencamerastudios wrote:

Though the animation suffered choppy parts, it was overall something I would watch again. And again. And again.

Actually, I kept coming back to the part with the ghost at the piano.

Emma, this was brilliant, aside from some animation flaw, (and I didn't really like the protagonist's character design, I was never a fan or their new design style) I was actually scared by the ending, I jumped when the ghost attacked. Look out Frankenstein, Emma is getting fairly good.

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REALY GOOD, EMMA mini/bigsmile I realy enjoyed this. And I was a little scared at the end mini/eek


I hope you get 1st place. you deserve it mini/smile

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RealBrick wrote:

Look out Frankenstein, Emma and her piano ghost masterpiece have overtaken you.

Erm, not quite.

I'm very impressed. Some of the technical elements were great (like the tracking shot coming down the stairs, or the digital torchlight), not to mention the consistently excellent animation and set design. However, the movie just feels like it's missing something. The storytelling, while having a good concept, left a bit to be desired. The pace just feels too fast - you shouldn't underestimate the power of the pause. This was especially apparent at the end, where

Spoiler (click to read)

the ghost suddenly lashes out

and the audience is left guessing 'Is that the end?' Well, they would be if the title card didn't suddenly jump in, ruining the well-crafted atmosphere. A second or two of just black would have just made the film so much better.

Don't get me wrong though, I like it. Fav'd.

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Well, you do have a point there Hazzat. I guess I was letting the anticipation overtake me.

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The beginning was fantastic, I must say. As the movie went on, though, I don't know why, I felt that something was missing,  that the story should have been told with a slower pacing. As everyone else said, great work, sets are excellent, effects...not bad (better than me, anyway). But storytelling and pacing, they're not the strongest part of this movie. I'm not saying it wasn't good: it was good, in fact, but I know you can do better. 3/5 (I feel that now everybody is going to flame me for this)

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Yeah, the ending was a bit abrupt. Maybe if the pacing of the beginning was sped up it would fit the flow of the movie better.....but doing that would ruin the excellent beginning, so just ignore my advice.

Really, there is nothing else to add other than I didn't really think the Septemberfest advertisement fitted with the rest of the movie. But that's just a minor gripe....


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Lovely work!  I agree that it did have an abrupt ending but maybe that was partly due to the FOS deadline?  It definitely became creepier throughout.  Like Hazzat mentioned, at the end, I was expecting a little more to the story and was suprised to see the credits.  The animation, sets (you always have great sets), music, and special effects were all beautiful mini/yes  Great entry!

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Wow! - most of the horror Lego films I've seen have been extremely tedious and not worth even being branded as apart of the horror genre. But your film was exceptional, Piano is officially the first Lego film that genuinely creeped me out and make me jump. The lighting and special effects were the deserved highlights, as well as the beautifully eerie musical score.
Absolutely Superb mini/eek

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Great Joe!

That was brilliant Emma. Very well done indeed, it was even a bit creepy! At the moment I am lost for words so I can't write a proper review!
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Awesome Absoultly Awesome!!!!!!  mini/eek   Well done! Amazing Work-I have no chance against you!  mini/eek

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I'm not allowed to give any reviews, so I can't say anything as yet, but entry accepted. Post it as a video response as well, if you would. mini/wink

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Praises aside (all that needs to be said has already been posted), the lighting effects were amateurish...or rather simplistic at best.  Lens flare here, lens flare there, that's it, no additional work to make them blend more naturally.  There's an obvious cut off on the top of the fire and it doesn't illuminate (either artificially or on set) the fire place and that's the only area I felt needed more work.  If only you'd came to me for effects work mini/wink.

The ghost part was the only area I was impressed with mini/bigsmile, effects-wise.

Again, all praises aside.  I enjoyed it despite my SFX/VFX jadedness.

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Thanks for watching you guys mini/bigsmile

Hazzat wrote:

However, the movie just feels like it's missing something.

Yea, I felt that too. I Finished all the animation well before I started editing anything which I have never done before (and will never do again), so I had no clue how it would turn out until I finished.

Max Butcher wrote:

Really, there is nothing else to add other than I didn't really think the Septemberfest advertisement fitted with the rest of the movie. But that's just a minor gripe....

Haha yea, I didn't think it fit either, I was just testing out something for my next couple of films.

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mini/eek  ...... AWESOME! mini/XD you should become a youtube partner! all in favor, say 'I'


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I would hate to see adverts pop up while watching a beautiful film like this

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Very nicely done!  Just glad you didn't enter "comedy horror" against us. mini/wink A solid 4/5.