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A typical day of a Dark Age village, isn't it!

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That was very good, I really liked the CGI integration, it was very lovely, and the part where

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He transformed out of the Grim Reaper back into the man

was incredible.
There were some animation flaws, but it was still great.

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Really interesting. I liked the use of CGI as well, and the movie was visually impressive.

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The placements of Star Wars mini-figures were hilarious.

But anyway, this is great. The animation is nice, the visual quality is great, the set design is INCREDIBLE, and the great use of CG filters isn't cheap and poorly placed like most are.


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Wow, the camera angles, great animation and great music made this a very enjoyable watch!

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mini/jaw That's one of the best brickfilms I've ever seen. Extremely well done! The animation was great, tho it had some flaws, but don't we all? The sets were superb, the story, interesting. I give it a 4.9/5 for not being longer (just because it was way too good and I wanted more)

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That's about all I can say.

Also, they deserved it.

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Thanks to all my audiances!

@reeldp: First I have to say I'm getting real red! I wantet a basic brickfilm .. for me that means 1st short 2nd without voice 3rd atmospheric and not too serious.

@RealBrick: I think the animation is my personal flaw .. but I will trie harder mini/wink

@goldencamerastudios: If you think they deserved it, I done my job!

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Well if there were CGI (besides the background elements, the withering tree, and the flag), it was hard to notice.  I had to view it a few times but I'm guessing the duck was CGI.

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Great use of CGI, like the duck at 0:23. Not the best animation, but that's smooth mini/smile
I also enjoyed the Cinematography. Keep up the good work!

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Effects: 8
Story: 5
Cinematography: 8
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I really love how you were able to integrate the CGI with the footage really well. As usual, your CGI is excellent, and most everything else was good too. A few animation flaws, but a spectacular film nonetheless.

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Cool  mini/sunnies

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I'm surprised. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I loaded up the video, but I didn't expect what I got, and I loved it. I loved the CGI integration, and overall, I thought the idea was executed very well.

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That was quite impressive on a technical/visual level.  I liked some of the compositing effects, such as the sun behind the flag.

I do wish it had a little more of a clear plot, though.  I understand English is not your first language, however, so I'm guessing there was some motivation to try to tell a story without using words.

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Very nice quality. This is a very nice film all in all.

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That was a really enjoyable brickfilm. The effects were very good, and I loved a lot of the little things, like the duck at the start, and the leaves wilting when the man walked by. Very nice!

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All in all there were three times CGI bricks in the movie .. and Lechnology get them all.
- I think the duck ist the best hidden effect, but I guess those who realized it detected the wrong shadow on the reed.
- The motion of the tree while the cloacked reaper passed is in the foreground but at the border.
- The flag is realy clear to see, but I like the flickering sun in the background .. who does not?

Smeagol is right the plot was a kind of thin ice, but I think there are also guys out there who do not expect a complex plot in every short movie .. as I. In this movie the metaphorical language is more imortand than the plot and I hope this disturbed you not too much?

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Quite Impressive.

The visual style is fantastic, and the concept is an interesting one. And really, the setting/time period only made it better. A very well executed short.


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Nice work, I enjoyed the mise en scène quite a bit. Overall the visual effects looked great but some color grading would have helped blend them all better.

I did enjoy the fact that there wasn't a clear plot, though I think a film with technical aspects like these and a real story would be nothing short of awesome.

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What really took me aback when I started watching this film was the cinematography, it was clear from the start of the film that animation was not gonna be the star of the show (even though it was great), it sort of just blended
in with all the other great stuff.

And why

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Death decided to destroy a village

for no apparent reason is beyond me, but i'm sure he had his own reasons.

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