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[THAC 8] Reach for the Sky

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Can a simple man touch the sky?

This is my entry for THAC 8. I stayed up until the last two hours editing it.

Re: [THAC 8] Reach for the Sky

Nice, very cool.

The opening was very well executed, and the animation of him building was aweseome.

Nice one.

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This is great! I loved how you portrayed ambition rather than telling it in dialog. The animation was pretty neat and the music fitted nicely. Good luck in the contest mini/smile
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Re: [THAC 8] Reach for the Sky

Hey, thanks. I'm glad you liked the animation of him building. I was originally going to have him do a little more actual building, but I decided not to due to time constraints.

The fact that the music fit nicely was just a really awesome coincidence. I had already filmed and edited the whole thing, and then went back to add music. After about 15 minutes of searching, I was lucky enough to find a song that fit. mini/tongue

Re: [THAC 8] Reach for the Sky

This fit the theme of ambition amazingly well. The animation was good, and I really enjoyed this!

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Re: [THAC 8] Reach for the Sky

Great entry, however we would highly recommend that you not use FreePlayMusic's music in your films, since they have been know to give heavy fines if they find out.

Re: [THAC 8] Reach for the Sky

Yeah, now that THAC's over, I'm considering re-editing the film and composing my own music for it, to avoid licensing trouble. I just decided to use the music because of the time constraint.

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I really liked this!  It fit the theme well, was nicely animated, and that last bit at the end made me chuckle! mini/smile

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This is my favourite THAC so far! I just wished I had the time to enter! mini/smile


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