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Strangers Part 1


Its finally here! Its been more than a year since the Prologue to this film  was posted, and since then it was almost forgotten. About two months ago I came back to it and started working on the story again. This film  will be posted in small parts, with each part bringing another part to the story. The main story has little relation to the Prologue. That video was meant to give you a foreshadowing to the main story.

See if you can spot the ominous gray figures in the backgrounds...

Music by Michael Giacchino

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Wow!  That was pretty sweet mini/bigsmile  Scared my pants off!  So do you already have all the other episodes complete, and you're going to gradually release more?

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Actually, that's the only completed episode. once I get the story down for the next one then I'll make that and so on.

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I loved the 0:22 camera shot it really reminded me the Strangers (2008) movie by Bryan Bertino. Great animation and great sound effects + music.

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Really impressive. In the end I just wanted to know how it'd continue… don't know many other brickfilms that made me feel like this. Subscribed.

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I saw all the "gray figures". Actually, they have black torsos and legs with white heads and hands. They were at 0:15, 0:45, 1:10, 1:15, 1:40, 1:50, 2 at 1:56, and 2 at 2:07 (the one at 2:04 is the one on the left at 2:07).

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Nice job on the set design! The animation was great, and I couldn't see any light flicker, which was great. The eerie music which played fit fantastically, which makes me think if it was custom made. And the shots where it was first person, watching the guy was fantastic: though I think they were computer animated panning and zooming and not actual animation. Those mysterious figures creeped me out, especially when it was standing just behind the man at 1:40. The one thing that bothered me was when you changed to video mode at 1:55, where the video resolution changed form. Besides that, this looks like a fantastic film, and I can't wait for part 2. Nice job.
- Mason