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Final Project Film


I made this for a class that I'm taking at my university.
I thought I'd share it.

Part One needed to have "inductive" elements.
Part Two needed to have "deductive" elements.

I hope you enjoy mini/smile

Also, I'm writing a script for a new film. With this newly acquire knowledge I have accumulated from this class, I've found inspiration to write a script for a new film. mini/smile

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Re: Final Project Film

Hey, not bad!

Sound: 6
Story: 6
Cinematography: 7
Animation: 5
Effects: 6
Overall: 6/10

Keep up the good work.

Re: Final Project Film

Quite random but the cinematography was spot on.  Keep making films like this it was great!  4/5

Re: Final Project Film

Awesome! I really liked the overall style of the film, the lighting camera angles and set design all worked together quite nicely.

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Re: Final Project Film

Not bad. Good stop-motion animation. No bumps or flickers that I noticed mini/smile

Re: Final Project Film

Thank you all for the kind words.

It was pretty random mini/lol

It just needed to consist of the elements x)

Again, thank you.